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Sunday, November 30, 2008


...about a friend of mine. I love her dearly but for some strange reason...just out of nowhere she stopped talking to me - I will refer to her as "new" friend. I have no idea why. She will talk occasionally but it is very short and sweet and USUALLY only when I contact her first. See I introduced her to my best friend - which I will refer to now as "first" friend. I just know they both need someone else other than me because I think friendships are important. For awhile all was fine but then just one day...nothing. Now my first and I still talk and hang out all the time. I thought well maybe new friend just had a lot going on (and the truth is the poor thing does! I don't know how she does it!). Yet, I find out that she IS talking to my first. I think this is great! I WANT them to be friends with others but I just don't understand why she ISN'T talking to me but she IS talking to others. I don't expect my friends to put me first over their other friends but I would like some sort of response. If I call, message and text and never hear from you then I am going to assume it is something I have done. I have asked and asked but she just keeps saying she is busy BUT not too busy to talk to my first but she IS too busy to talk to me? I don't get it and I KNOW there has to be a reason. Either you are mad, hurt or for whatever reason just have falling out of friendship feelings with me? I will be so sad either way but I would much rather someone just be honest and tell me what is up...even if things never change...than to make me wonder. I don't want her to think I am abandoning her either. I guess I am just going to be here if she needs me. I may wait until after the holidays and invite her to do something just the two of us and leave the ball in her court...that would give me my answer. I will always be here if she needs me but I can't keep chasing my tail in this friendship. :-(

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stop This Ride...I want OOOOFFFF!!!

This morning I compared my life to being locked in the back seat of a car and someone throwing a brick on the gas pedal...and off I go! It seems it has been this way for months. As I said in my previous post my husband's grandfather passed away about 7 weeks ago...Monday night his grandmother passed away. I am torn in my feelings about this. I just keep thinking she is in such a better place but yet I know how much she will be missed here. The only thing that gives me reassurance is she told us last Sunday, "I am in a win/win situation. Either the cancer will be healed or I will be going to heaven to be with Granddaddy."

I am ready for things in my life to start slowing down...and I know it will. I know God never gives us more than we can handle and I am just trying to hold my head high!

We all have our hard times and I know that we will all make it through!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Life Happens

I know I always come back and PROMISE I will be up and blogging again. I decided this promises! We have been busy and well...times have been hard but things will eventually slow down...I suppose anyway. My cuz and one of my best friends Traci and a friend of mine that recently started a blog Holly...made me want to get back into blogging again. I had started using "My Space" last year...but not really doing alot of blogging. That took up alot of my time but I am kind of over it. I will keep up with alot of people there and check in occasionally but not as often as I had before. All in all ... i miss my blogging time here. I miss my blog friends!!

I am again going to copy something from Traci...I am just going to list what all has happened to me since...well November. I can elaborate on more if you like and I am sure I will eventually but for now I am just playing catch up!

  • Thanksgiving - my whole family on my dad's side came to visit and all of us for the most part spent the whole week at my grandmothers. We decided to make this a new tradition. It was so nice...I saw people I haven't seen in years...most importantly my dad! It was so nice...we have a good relationship (in my opinion) it is like we can just pick up where we left off and there is not real akwardness...I was a daddy's girl for sure! :-)
  • Christmas - this was kind of a blur to me! We have so much family that it is hard to keep up!! WHEW! All in all it went very well!!
  • Baylee had her whole cheerleading team over to the house for a slumber party and they had a blast! Those girls crack me up!
  • I got rear-ended on the way to work...the next week my husband got rear-ended on the way to work!
  • My husbands grandfather (he was very close to him) got very sick after Christmas and on March 1st went to Heaven.
  • A few weeks after this my husband's brother was in a 4-wheeler accident and remains in the hospital today. He is much better than he was but it will take lots of therapy to get back to normal.
  • My husbands grandmother (that was married to the grandfather that passed away) is now in the hospital fighting cancer.
  • I learned how to say "no more" and walk away.
  • I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was.
  • I learned you can be nice to someone without them taking away your sense of self worth.
  • My washing machine broke.
  • My fuel pump went out but now it is fixed! Yeah!
  • I am coaching Baylee's softball team and loving it!
  • She decided she hates gymnastics and never wants to go back...fine by me.
  • Side note to above...I usually don't let her quit things but I didn't feel she was learning anything especially considering what we were she really did cry everytime I took her because she hated it...even though she misses her friends that go there.
  • I am on the planning committe for my 10 year reunion - I am so excited to see everyone!!
  • This is the sad hubby and my best friends hubby will both be deployed this year. We don't know exactly when they will leave but sometime between now and the end of summer...keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

So that is all for now...well I am sure there is more but that is all I have time for anyway. I will try to keep update more...but no promises!! Talk to you soon!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life Change

Have you ever come to a place in your life where you feel like you just need a change. My life has been so crazy lately. I can place no blame anywhere. Just life, you know? People change, people grow apart, arguments happen, no one is right or wrong but simply stating their American born right of having an opinion. Sometimes we just end up being different people. It is no ones fault, it is life, it happens. So today I am soul is feeling good...even with all the stresses I am facing now. Hopefully sooner than later I will be over this hump but in the meantime I am trying to enjoy the journey!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Re-Inventing Me

My world has been topsy turvy lately! I don't know so much that it has been crazy but I think I have just been focusing on all the wrong things! I have had this site for awhile but it was formally listed as "Mind Diversion". I decided to change it to Garrett's Corner and focus it now more on me and my family and friends. It seems crazy but it is like I am just now finding out who I "really" am. Thank you to all of you that have hung in there with me!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today Even The Music Cries

You hurt me - I don't think you even know.
I try and try not to let my feelings show.
I am only human my heart so tender and easy to bruise.
Why can't you say I am sorry or my bad or hey girl I tried!
How I long for someone to stand up for me and be by my side.
No admission at all - now the tears start to fall.
What is that I hear? Is it the music or is it tears?
I guess today even the music cries.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Thoughts To Live By

For those that know me - you know how I like to talk and what I have written here is kind of long but it is really important to me so I thought I would share it with all of the people in my life who are also important to me! So hopefully you will have time at some point to read it!

This morning when I got to work I talked to a friend of mine here. We talked about complaining, thankfulness and life. Throughout the past week I have had those types of conversations with several people. It has been an eye-opener and made me realize how much we forget the small things - the things that are most important. Some that have really stood out to me are:

Treat others as you would like to be treated. How many times do we - as humans - do or things out of spite, revenge, envy, jealousy or for no reason at all to other people. If the tables were turned is that how we would want to be treated? This holiday season and throughout the year I will do just that - treat others as I would like to be treated!

Let go and Let God. This is my favorite. We often think we can "fix" things and think we know what is best but GOD is the only one that knows! Boy do I know I need to let go of some things! God can not give us answers if we truly never let go! When anger or hurt pops into your head or heart say "God take this from me, give me peace and remove the planks from their eyes and if I have one, remove it from mine"

Do things out of love not recognition - that is what will truly be noticed. My mom taught me this one and the very next week at church they talked about the same thing! Give gifts anonymously! Volunteer without patting yourself on the back. Truly good deeds will go noticed by others and by God whether you think they will or not!

Be grateful for what you have. Now how true is this! We complain about so much but how often are we really grateful for the good. I don't know if they realize I noticed this but my mom and grandmother used to always say things such as, "Thank you God for a beautiful day!" How often do we grumble at the rain but never give the sunshine a second thought? At a marketing meeting yesterday we were told TWICE as many people relay a bad experience than relay a good one. Lets turn those figures around!

It is truly better to give than to receive! This is especially important this time of the year. This is our Savior's BIRTHDAY and we should be thankful and happy all day no matter what. How happy it makes me to be a child of the King! What a wonderful thing to give when you can and what you can! This reminds me of the story in the bible where the "rich" man gave a lot of money and a poor woman gave only a small amount but this was greater in God's eyes for this small amount was all she had - the rich man could have given so much more! I do think that this should apply to all things in life not just monetary things but LOVE and RESPECT.

No matter what ... in any circumstance ...

Psalm 113:3 "From the rising of the sun to the going down of same, the Lord's name is to be praised."

Now that I have rambled on and on I am going to leave you with one more great story one of our co-workers wrote and sent around today! May we all remember to count our blessings and be grateful this CHRISTmas! Love, Tiffany

What I am thankful for this CHRISTmas season -
I am working on a photograph album of the snapshots of our grandchildren from 2005 to give to my son and daughter in-law for Christmas. I've sat at the computer for hours deciding which ones were "worthy" of a place in the album, I've had them printed, sorted them in date order, bought just the right genuine leather album to put them in - because after all, this album should make a statement, right?-it's my gift to my son and daughter-in-law and I want them to be properly impressed with it.

Last night as I sat in my recliner which I haven't had a chance to sit in much for the past two months, I started placing these photographs into the album and something hit me for the first time-90% of these photographs were taken at places that no longer exist due to Hurricane Katrina.

Oh, there's one of my grandson's baseball pictures - wonder where they're going to play next year. Here's the other grandson's karate pictures - well, someday they will rebuild that karate school and he'll be able to start enjoying again those grueling three-times-a-week sessions that he's become so good at.

And here's my precious granddaughter, sitting on the steps of USM, our FAVORITE place to take pictures - well, there'll be another favorite place. I think that big, beautiful tree might have survived the storm, but that's all. That tree just might have to become our favorite spot now.
And here's Easter lunch at the buffet at the Grand. We've been there every year after Easter services for three years now. We need to start cooking at their house on Easter anyway - the Grand was always TOO expensive for that many people. (Guess who always paid the bill!)

Oh, my, (as the tears start to flow) here's the Easter Sunday pictures at St. Patricks. For some reason it's always buggy on the Coast on Easter Sunday, and every year the children are always swatting gnats in their "new Easter clothes" pictures. This last year was no exception. Their beautiful, little church right across the street from the beach, where the azaleas are always blooming on Easter, is now only a slab. They're now holding church services in the gym at Coast Episcopal and the spirit is still there, but -oh, that beautiful little church where they were married and all their children were baptized is no more.

Let me get up and get myself a Diet Coke and get myself together so I can finish this album tonight. Okay, that's better. Now, where was I - okay, here's the beach pictures . . . the ones that were taken August 21, my son's birthday, just one week before Katrina. As far as beaches go, this is not necessarily the prettiest beach, but it was OUR beach, the one where the children played, and I snapped photographs till my heart was content. I guess it will be a long time before we get beach pictures again, but one day . . .

Then I realized that all of these places were just places. Our children and grandchildren were safe at our home when the storm hit. Their home suffered minimal damage compared to those that lost everything. My husband and I are so blessed that we have our family that means everything to us and that they are safe and have a home. They still don't have a "real" school, but that should happen after New Year's, and then, in their minds, they'll be all set and back to normal.

There's not many photographs of my daughter and her husband yet - not nearly enough to fill an album, but guess what, come February 11 (or thereabouts) we're going to be blessed with another precious life in this family of ours, and I guarantee you that next Christmas they'll have an album, too. The only difference will be that instead of taking pictures because it's what I do and something that I've become good at--deleting the ones that aren't technically just right or the ones where someone has a strange look on their face--I'll be taking pictures for the sheer joy of documenting my family and our times together, of watching my grandchildren grow and you can bet that with every click of the shutter, they'll be a silent prayer of thanks for the blessings I have been given.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I don't usually document to paper many of my thoughts, but I really needed to stop and reflect on the past year this CHRISTmas. God is so good and we have been blessed.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dog Tired!!

WHEW! I am DOG TIRED this afternoon!! I have been running and going at work and at home for days now!

As paralegals we have to meet a certain number of hours each year. I have taken work home at night and on the weekends to make sure I do that. On top of doing that I have been trying to get alot of things more "organized" and more easily accessible. I enjoy doing it but it wears you out! I have gotten alot done but still much more to do! I am just glad that I have such a good job and work with such great people!

I am taking a night class and it seems like every time I turn around we have some kind of project to do! I have to meet my group tonight to go over our project for tomorrow night. THANK GOODNESS - we only have two or three more classes this semester!!

I have gotten all of my Christmas decorations up and 95% of my presents bought, wrapped and under the tree! I am trying to clean out closets and do "holiday" cleaning but it seems like when you finish one thing there is another to do! My cousin and I are working on a little "web project" and we have made ourselves a deadline of Friday so I have that to do!!


~I have picked up SO much trash that people have left around the office today. I don't know why but that drives me NUTS! People - pick up your trash.

~I really wish this weather will make up its mind. I wear a jacket in the morning, it is hot at lunch and cool again at night. It was like 50 something today but then I think this weekend it is supposed to be in teh 70's.

~I need a nap.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Pictures!!

I had gotten tired of seeing that "aggravated" post so I decided to move along to something more "cheerful"! My trip to Arkansas was great! We had an awesome time. The kids played dress-up and were our entertainment the whole time!

Traci and I mainly just "hung out" and caught up on things!

Our hubbies probably had the most relaxing time of all - as you can see!

Hope each of your holidays were just as great!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Plans??

Well does anyone have any Thanksgiving plans? My family (daughter & hubby) and I are going to Arkansas to see my cousin Traci. Actually we will be seeing my Aunt, Uncle, Cousin David, his wife Tanda, Traci, her husband Bobby and their son Brayden. I say Traci because she is one of my best friends and I am so, so, so, so, so...did I mention so...excited to see her! We usually see each other several times a year and I try to go up on Thanksgiving but was not able to go last year and it has just worked out that we haven't seen each other since last Christmas and won't see each other this Christmas! I am sad about that!! However, I am so excited (did I mentioned that already?) to go see her now!! I don't know if anyone has been in Bentonville or Bella Vista Arkansas. I tell you what - it is beautiful up there! I absolutely love it. I need a break and so does my family so we are looking forward to it!! If anyone is traveling over the holidays I hope you have a safe trip!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!!

Me and my hubby Brian had been married 5 years today! Yeah!! I am a plain jane kinda girl and I got to pick out my engagment ring. I picked out a small diamond with channel set diamonds on the side. For our wedding band I just picked out a plain gold wedding band. WELL for our anniversary the hubby gave me a channel set diamond band to match my wedding ring! It looks exactly like my wedding ring except for my wedding ring has the big diamond sitting up on the middle of my ring. Anyway - I am very very proud of him! He knows what I want! So now I am "bling bling" in a small kind of way with my 18 small diamonds and one larger one. One of my friends told him that after 5 more years he better add some more diamonds! Ha! I will say he is good about getting this sort of thing. I am always trying to get him to get me costume jewelry but OH NO. He doesn't want to do that! Last year I got a cross necklace with a diamond in the middle and the year before that I got diamond earrings and a diamond solitare necklace. The boy can shop!

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Yada Yada of 8/04/04

Hello All! Hope everyone is doing well. Not feeling so good today so I thought I would do a "yada yada" list of my thoughts and life in general.....

1. My daughter starts school Monday, August 9th. First grade already. Wow. I have learned that it cost a fortune to buy all the school supplies you need BUT it is alot easier to buy them already "packaged" to keep from having to search for every little thing.

2. I read in the school handbook that they enforce corporal punishment at school. I am all about spanking but all I am saying is I am not happy about the fact that they don't tell you until AFTERWARDS. Ho Hum.

3. I had "MINOR" feminine surgery Monday. I am not feeling so good and hopefully we will get to the bottom of it tomorrow.

4. More and more I love my job.

5. One of my best friends is getting ready to move back to New York. (Where she is originally from.) She is leaving August 13th and I am so sad. To be honest we have not seen alot of each other this summer because we both have been so busy but I think it is just the fact of knowing that she won't be "right down the road" anymore. It is a good 19 hours or so away that she will be from me! *sob**sob*

6. Why is it SO hard to get motivated to "clean out" things. I mean all and all my house is pretty clean but I HATE to clean out boxes and I HATE to do laundry. What is up with that? What are your "house" pet peves?

7. I watched the last two episodes (and only two episodes I have seen) of The Simple Life 2 tonight. I was intrigued to watch it after seeing Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie on Oprah Monday afternoon. Speaking of corporal punishment those two (Paris and Nicole) seem to really need it. Of course, I shouldn't judge but that is the impression that they seem to give the whole world.

8. Knowing my hubby will be gone for 9 weeks in October has somewhat hendered our relationship ONLY because stupid me keeps dwelling on the fact that he is leaving instead of enjoying the time that he is here.

Well I guess that is all in my little world for now!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

BUNCO! Brian and Me!

Tonight is my bunco night. We play the second Thursday of every month. We have such a great group of girls! It is my favorite night out! (Just about only night out!) So wish me luck in winning the big bucks!

My mom is going to pick up Baylee for me and I am going to run home to see if I got mail from Brian and let the dogs out! (Who let the dogs out?!?) Brian can write letters on Sundays so I look for them anytime between Thursday and Saturday. Pathetic.....I know! I am ready to hear from him again! Especially, after today. My daughters grandmother brought some pictures to me that she took around Christmas. Two of Brian helping clean her house and two of us at Christmas. AWWWWW.......makes me so sad! I will live! Not TOO much longer now!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Friend OR Foe

I had a really good friend from Junior High, High School and I guess you would say "adult" life. We were so close we more often than not got called sisters. She had a boyfriend turned fiance that broke up with her over email and moved hours away over night. In the meantime she found out she was pregnant and she asked me to call him and tell him. They then decided to get back together and get married. I, of course, was the maid of honor. (Fast forward about two years.) I got two anonymous calls from a guy who was asking me to "do things" with him. The guy eventually fessed up to be her husband and somewhat made a joke out of the calls then asked me a couple of very personal questions. This made me uncomfortable and to make matters worse before he got off of the phone he said, "Don't tell her I called you. You know how she is." That made me feel even worse. A co-worker and my husband were each present during the calls. My husband was furious. (For obvious reasons!) I felt horrible and felt that I really needed to tell her and my husband wanted me to because he was so mad. The thing is she caught him lying and flirting on many occasions when he did not know she was around so this was not the first time he had done something shady. So I tried and tried to tell her but I never could. I finally wrote her a letter and that was three years ago. I tried on many, many occasions to contact her but she never responded. I did admit in a letter to her and of couse I am admitting now that maybe I should have told her in person. I don't think that would have changed things and I know she must have been going through a tough time especially since at the time she was going through her second pregnancy. I know that sometimes my words can "hurt" and I am trying my best to work on that but I still don't think it is fair that I was "punished" for something I did not do. If nothing else she could have at least written me and said, "Don't ever talk to me again!" I got nothing. It was as if she was "dead" to me and I went through a very long "grieving" period. Just last week at work I came across a letter that I had written her and figured, "Why do I even try." I then proceeded to rip up the letter and "write off" our friendship. The strange thing is this past Saturday I got a letter from her. Remember this is the first time she has contacted me in THREE years. I was not as excited as I thought I would be. I guess because like I said before I had just "written her off". I think I was mad because I was finally getting over things and all of a sudden she thinks she just pop back in my life like nothing happened. The letter was real short and sweet. She just asked how we all were and just gave me some details on her family. I thought about it all weekend and decided I would write back. I answered all of her questions and then very politely asked what changed and why did she write me. I then asked if we were ever going to have "some kind of" relationship again. In closing, I told her that if we don't talk again that I was very happy she wrote me, glad they were doing well and best wishes in life!

Friday, April 02, 2004

Girls Night Out

UGH! Other than the stupid letter from the training center I have yet to hear from my husband! It is driving me insane! Good news is I can actually "forget about it" for once. I am going out with the girls tonight! All of our hubbies are out of town and momma needs a break! Before you start thinking is just innocent fun! I don't even drink so I am always the designated driver and I would never cheat on my husband. I honestly have never even cheated on anyone......just not my style. This is the same "girls" that my dear hubby "allows" me to go out with when he is in town! So that said, I am looking forward to a night to take my mind off of things. It has been a very stressful past couple of weeks and if this girl doesn't relax she is going to, "BLOW UP!" BBBOOOOOOMMM!

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Today Is A Good Day

Today has been a good day. For the first time since my hubby has been gone I slept wonderful! I have had some "issues" with some family members and I have just prayed, thought about things and talked to some good friends. Now I have a whole new outlook today! I decided there is always going to be something that I do that people don't like, there is always going to be something that I don't do or isn't my fault that I will be blamed for and I can't please everyone. The decisions my husband and I make are our decisions and our decisions alone and we owe no one an explanation about it! If they are be it! I am not going to waste one second, that I could devote to much greater things, on a losing battle. SO I no that sounded harsh but for my sanity I needed to say it! Whew! This morning a coworker gave me the prettiest glass vase with a purple flower and a lady bug on it.....inside were Purple Iris'! BTW, purple is my favorite color! How sweet! Then my boss said that we are taking a late lunch and our office will be closed from 1:00 - 3:00! Yeah! Two-Hour paid lunch with a free meal at a good restaurant! Can't beat that! Not to mention today is pay-day! Oh yeah....the most important part...I lost 5lbs! I am sure it is just water weight but who cares! Today is a good day.....

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Weekend in a Wrap

Well the weekend was not as horrible as I had imagined it to be. I kept myself very busy in order to keep from missing my sweet hubby! After work Friday I went to a friends house to see her new baby nursery and then we took the kids out for ice cream. Afterwards, I went to my friend Jessica's house to help pick out paint for her living room. I then went home and crashed.....and actually slept late Saturday! I guess the week finally caught up with me! Saturday Jessica and I took our kids to the park for a picnic. Then we flew kites, ran a obstical course (that tired us adults out more than the kids) and then took the kids for ice cream. (As you can tell my daughter had a sugar rush all weekend!) It really was one of the most beautiful days this year! Saturday night I ate at a fish & chicken place with another friend and her family. (Cock of the Walk....funny name huh.) We had a wonderful time and the food was as good as usual. Baylee and I then came home and watched movies until we feel asleep and slept all night in the living room! Today we mainly sat around and watched TV. I did clean out the garage and wash a few clothes. My mom and my little brother came over and we went for a walk at this very peaceful Botanical Garden near my house. Afterwards, Baylee and I went grocery shopping and now I am getting ready to clean out the fridge and unpack the groceries. I just thought I would get a little writing in before bed. My daughter has been sleeping in my room with me since her daddy left but she is going to sleep in her own room tonight, so hopefully things will go well for both of us! This weekend was definitely bitter-sweet! Baylee has asked me at least twice a day when her daddy is coming home! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Busy Week

This has been such a busy week! Monday night I ate out with some family members at one of my favorite resturaunts. (Kyoto's Japanese Steak House) It is one of those places where they cook your food right in front of you. It is YUMMY! The serving sizes are UNREAL! Every time I come out of there I feel like a stuffed cow! Tuesday night my daughter's grandparents came over to have a "play date" with her. Last night Brian, his mom, Baylee, Terry and I all ate at a new resturaunt in Flowood, Logan's Roadhouse. I thought the food was really good and the company was even better. I am so glad that my mother-in-law and I have such a good relationship now. She is a sweetie! Tonight Brian and I are going to the grand opening of "Headliners" (I mentioned this in an earlier post). I am SO tired but excited for the extra "fun" time I get to spend with Brian before he leaves. Tomorrow night we have to run around and do last minute errands before he goes out of town. Saturday night his dad's family is coming to see our new house and take us out to eat for Brian's "going away" party. Sunday afternoon will be interesting. It will kind of be a "come and go" gathering for any of Brian's friends and family who want to see him before he leaves. It has been a really good past couple of weeks and I have stayed busy which has kept my mind off of things but I do wish I would have had a little more alone time with him. Of course, anytime is special. I am just glad he has been having fun and had his mind off of things. I can imagine he is probably pretty nervous.

I know you are thinking....blah, blah, blah!!

Friday, March 12, 2004

Headliners...I'm A Vip!

I am SO excited! Tuesday my husband won VIP passes to a new club that is opening in Jackson! The name of it is Headliners Entertainment Resort. It is a quadplex of dining and entertainment. The 30,000-square-foot building will house a Cactus Cafe, Banana Joe's Island Party, Rascal's Comedy Club and Headliners Live, a room whre local and national musical acts will perform. This is an AWESOME thing for Jackson! We have really needed something like this for awhile. My husband and I don't go out very often but when we do it is with another couple and we have the hardest time deciding on what to do. All of us are so laid back and no one ever wants to make a decision. This is perfect because everyone has options and everyone is satisfied. The only other place that has ever really stuck around in Jackson is "The Dock" which did have a club in the same parking lot and you could pay one price to get in both BUT that was really not my "thing". Inside the sports bar at Headliners will be three large projection televisions, eight big-screen TVs, pool tables, video games and an open patio facing Ridgewood Road with two cabana bars. My brother in law was offered a position to DJ but turned it down because he has too much on his plate already. He, however, is working on an ad for them in a magazine he co-owns called, The Jackson Free Press. I think the tickets are for Thursday, March 18th.....I will do an update to let you know how it goes!