Monday, July 17, 2006

Here We Go Again - For The Hundreth Time!!

So I started again today! Hopefully, this time will be better. I would like to be down a couple of pounds by my 27th birthday. I just recently heard of JUST THIS WEEK someone my age dying of a heart attack! I can't imagine! Anyway, I am just trying to spread smaller meals out through the day. Here is what I had today.

8:00 - Honeybun & Glass of Milk
9:30 - 8oz Water
11:30 - Pickle spear, half of roast beef sandwich (wheat w/mustard) & a quater of ham sandwich (wheat w/mustard) - 16 oz water
12:45 - 8oz of Water
2:15 - 6 crackers with Tuna Fish on it
3:50 - Dole peaches w/strawberry jello fruit cup

I plan on getting more water in and eating a light dinner. I have alot to do around the house as far as unpacking from vacation and getting ready for bunco this week SO I will see about exercising or not tonight - depends on if I have time!!