Monday, March 30, 2009

Motivate Me Monday: Getting Right In Hard Times

I actually received this in an email from someone I know last year so I can't claim it as my own but in this crazy world I often go back and refer to it. It reminds me that things are like they were. I am not one to walk around and say "these are the end times" but how do we really know? I think it is very similar to when bad weather is coming you get in saying that we need to prepare ourselves because we don't know when the end is coming.
Dear Ones,

On June 27th and 28th 2008 I attended a conference in Atlanta called Deeper Still. Internationally known speakers Kay Arthur, Beth Moore and Priscilla Shirer were there and I looked forward to a special time of worship and having God convict me of my sins and lead me to areas in my life where I need to change. I have been to similar conferences for years, although none this large and with so many well-known speakers. There were over 20,000 women in attendance at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta - they said it was the largest crowd ever. I had an idea of what to expect from the conference, but nothing prepared me for what actually happened. I feel led to share my experience with family and friends. This is important, so stay with me!

When Kay Arthur took the stage you could just tell that her spirit was heavy and there was a certain "heaviness" in the atmosphere even before she started to speak. She said that she had been literally physically sick to have to bring us this message and right out the gate she said, "We are in grave danger." She said that God had revealed to her that a literal famine is coming to America. Physical, not spiritual. She said that God is moving in judgment against our nation. I know I can't describe this well enough, but the atmosphere was ominous.
Kay is a seasoned speaker and she had to BATTLE to get through her message. She stumbled over scriptures and had an extremely difficult time. At times I was almost expecting her to collapse. At one point she just had to stop and pray. There was no person, myself included, that I could see who did not have tears streaming down their faces. As you may know, Kay Arthur is normally a very confident, composed speaker, but she was literally in a spiritual battle and it was taking place right before my eyes. I have never seen anything like it.

She went on to give 7 things that Christians must do during this time and I am going to give those to you now:

1. Jer 4:3- Break up the fallow ground- return to Me. Repent. Get on your face before God and ask him to break your heart with the things that break His heart.

2. Mourn- Jer. 9:17-18 and Ezekiel 9. It is time to weep because our nation's sin is incredible.
3. Pray- Jer 36:7- Pray fervently, passionately for America.

4. Love God's Word- Jer. 20. You MUST love the Word of God and be in the Word of God. I was particularly convicted here because I know I have not been as deeply in His Word as I need to be. She said we must get serious about this.

5. Love others as Jesus loved them. Jer. 31:3 and John 13:34.

6. Introduce people to Jesus Christ. It's time to get serious about this. This is no time for timidity. Jer 31:31; Jer 33:1-9 and 15 and 17.

7. Rest. If you will do these things, then rest in the fact that you have done God's will. She said that it is going to be vitally important for us to get enough physical rest.
She went on to say that God has not given us a spirit of fear and that if we are obedient to Him, we will be protected. She said to read Ezekiel 14 over and over until you understand it. This is what God will do if a country turns against Him.

She said that this is going to be a calamity (she used the word calamity in such a way that you knew this is going to be no small thing for our country), and gave many more scripture references, but what I have given you are the main points that she made.

I hope you know that I would not have sent this to you if I had not been profoundly affected by it and feel it is of great importance to share it. Thank you for taking the time to re ad this and I hope you will do with this information what you feel led by God to do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OuT oF sHaPe...

Let me tell ya'll a (scary) true story. So Brian has a bike and Baylee does. Well the other day they are all like PPPUUUHHHLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEE come ride with us. Baylee said you can even ride my bike b/c the seat is softer. I was like no no no no and then finally I was like FINE. UGH. I took my hand out of the powdered donut bag, licked my fingers, gulped down my WHOLE milk and put on my tennis shoes. Fine. Want. Me. To. Exercise. With. You. Fine. Hmm....I will show you.

So we start off a little uncomfortable (which is odd seeing how much padding I really DO have back there) but I go for it...pulling out of the driveway on two-wheels like the road queen....turned the corner and took off the back street behind my house..was doing good...patting myself on the back. I am awesome...this is not a problem. So then we approach the hill. I decide to get tricky and I stand up on the bike and start pedaling as fast as I could so I could make it up the hill. Got about ¾ of the way up and had to get off and walk. I was fine but just couldn't go any further. So I tell them (Brian running and Baylee on the other bike) go on I will catch up. Just give me a second. So I keep walking the bike. Well the further they got away from me and then out of my site the more I couldn't breathe.

...wwwwhhhheeeezzzzeeee....wwwwhhhhheeeeeezzzeeee...chest hurts can't hardly move but I know I am getting ready to go down a hill and I am like...okay...I got this. I make it to the top of the hill and jump on and WEEEEEEEEEEEE......all the way down to the bottom. I let the bike coast until I almost stop and then I have to jump back off. THEN I have to walk the bike the rest of the way. I made it the whole mile and ½ but couldn't hang on the bike the whole way. What is sad is they made it all the way back home and then WALKED and met me about 1/2 mile before I got to the house. about out of shape. Now I understand why people on the biggest loser literally get sick from working so hard sometimes...I sure almost did. Seriously. I mean I gotta do something about ALLL of this b/c I will die of a heart attack!!

WFMW: Soft Feet & Fixing Squeaks!

I have been a blog slacker this past week so I thought what better way to get back in the swing of things that participating in WFMW!! I actually have two for one this week considering I could not think of a THING last week! So here you go!!!

Soft Feet
I actually learned this one from my mom. When you don't have time to give yourself a good pedicure and/or go get can rub Vaseline real good on your dry heals and put on a pair of socks and wear them while you are getting ready (and even in the car if you can) and right before you get to your "sandal/flip-flop" wearing event you take them off and your feet look good enough to last you for the whole day. I took this one step further. With the weather changing back and forth one day we wear flip-flops the next we wear socks/shoes. SO...I rub Vaseline on my heals and put on a pair of socks before bed.
Fixing Squeaks!
If you are like me you probalby can never find where your husband left the WD40. Well while my husband was deployed I was having trouble with the lock/key in the front door and of course I had NO idea where the WD40 was. I had a "light bulb" idea and decided to use cooking spray and *baam* worked like a charm. Since then anytime I have a squeaky door that needs a quick fix I pull out the cooking spray!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Motivate Me Monday: The Prayer Garden

Well folks...I must say this is one of my days of blah. As you see from my previous post I haven't been feeling well and the weather here has been a little gloomy. They say it is supposed to but sunny tomorrow...I hope so!! So in saying that - I am not much on motivation today for others but do look forward to going around and reading your blogs. I am leaving a LITTLE something for you. I really enjoy this "Prayer Garden"...if you have never seen it please see it now!! It is awesome. Better to do it when you are alone and/or can take time to enjoy it.

(The Lightening bug stops and is a little hard to see, but watch where he lights and click on him. You must click on the bug before you can move the key)
This is Awesome and Very well done.
View when you have a little time to spare so you can really enjoy it.
Start with the lightening bug it will be your guide through the garden...
Unlock the door with the key (drag the key to the lock),
When you enter the Garden, click on the littleLighting bug and follow instructions.

Keep clicking as you go to make changes and experience everything.
You will start at the fountain with the sontes.

When you are have looked at the stones.
Click on the lightening bug again and it will take you to the river and the sticks.
(Click on the lightening bug again.)
You will go to the table and the scrolls.
Click on the cup and then each scroll.
When you finish the scrolls click on the book.
Then on the lightening bug again.
Then on each leaf...
Then the fire...
Then the book on the stool...
Top Right is the Exit

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am very excited for my daughter! I will be honest and say that often times she doesn't have a great voice. I do think that it is more b/c of "trying to hard" and not "lack of talent". I PERSONALLY can't save to sing my life but she got that from her father's side of the family. I think with a little help she could get better. I know here music teacher all the way through elementary school loved her. We were excited that out of over 150 kids that tried out that she made it in the middle school choir. I don't think she will be a soloist anytime soon but I am just so proud of her and I know she will really enjoy it! Yeah Baylee!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

..Gloomy Days...

It has been one of those weeks. This past weekend I had a baby shower for my sister-in-law, cooked out with friends and then visited with the in-laws. I really enjoyed it but boy did it get to me. I have been exhausted ever since. I missed work this week b/c of not feeling good and Baylee missed one day of school. Thank goodness I didn't get the flu like my mother-in-law did. Poor thing! Seems like she always catches something. If it weren't for being worried about bringing something home to Baylee and Brian I would go over and take care of her. It is the pits to feel bad and then be locked in the house all alone. :-( I am feeling better but I have been fighting a headache for the better part of a week and a half. That and dizziness. Couple that with not feeling good and being exhausted for some strange reason and you have one gloomy girl. The weather is gloomy today as well and they say it is going to be a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. Hooo-Huummm. Well at least it will good napping weather.

Bring on the spring days PLEASE!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WFMW: Fast Meal Tips

So ladies (& guys??) this is a quick and easy tip (and not originally my idea but can't remember where I got it from - if it is you please let me know so I can give proper credit!). Sorry I haven't put too much effort into it this week. I have been sick and my brain just isn't functioning like it should!!

My tip is pick things that your family may like that you can have on hand for several different meals. You can cook it and freeze it ahead of time so when you are in a crunch (or haven't made that dreaded trip to the grocery store), you always have something on hand.

For example, taco meat (browned, seasoned and frozen - just defrost and look at the possibilities:

  1. Nacho Omelets for Breakfast
  2. Meat for tator skins
  3. Quesadillas
  4. Put on biscuits and add cheese for a quick snack/lunch
  5. Tortilla Pizza
  6. Mexican Sloppy Joe
  7. Add to melted block of Velveeta
  8. Tortilla roll ups
  9. Add to Chili
  10. Add to Soup
  11. Add to Meatloaf
  12. Short on hamburger meat for burgers - add to that!
  13. Add to a box of macaroni & cheese for a quick meal that kids love in a crunch!
  14. Add w/spaghetti sauce
  15. Out of shells but have lettuce...taco salad!

Just a few ideas of what to do in a pinch!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Motivate Me Monday: Let Us Use Them

Below is something that I received and read occasionally. It is from Hannah's Cupboard. (Which happens to be another place all of us ladies can go check out for "motivation") This is a lesson that I all too often forget.

There is not one person in the Body of Christ without some God given gift to share. For some reason, this is not a well known fact. Well, maybe in theory it is known but in practice it is not really believed by all.

I have a gift? Moi? No, not really, I don't have any gifts. End of story. It would be like an organ in our body saying; "I'm useless; I just sit here quietly and do my own thing and all the other organs work around me." Actually, when the body takes that attitude we call it "disease."

The Bible says this: "So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them." (Romans 12:5-6)

So I say, are you using your gifts? Please use your gifts - they are so needed! If your gift is small it can become larger with use. You know that muscles expand with use; practicing a musical instrument brings improvement; working the garden yields growth. Un-used, your gift may seem puny, but in use, it will produce a huge harvest.

If you somehow feel inadequate or feel your gift is insignificant you are no different than everyone else before they launched into the work of the kingdom. Only Christ who is our head is perfectly adequate and magnificently significant. Yet he passed out gifts to all of us, every single one. Let us use them.

The reason that this inspires me is because my gift is not really one of motivating others. I can't quote verses out of the bible (but I can tell you I know it is in there somewhere), I can't tell you where you can find important events in the bible (but I can tell you they are in there!) BUT there are other things I can do!!!

  1. I can continue to grow "in the word" by ready my bible....and reading "Motivateational Monday"
  2. Pray, pray, pray!
  3. Be a Christian example for others
  4. Be a listening ear
  5. Did I mention...prayer??? :-)

There are many more things I can do but these are the ones I am definitely going to strive for right now!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

WFMW: Are We There Yet?

If you would like to participate in Works-For-Me Wednesday, please go here.

This weeks theme is "greatest hits". Well this is still one of my favorite tips for "on the road". This could work for a day of running errands or long road trips!

Some may already know of this but if you don't this is a great way to keep kids entertained on a long trip. I take zip lock bags and put not only snacks for the trip but small toys, games, books all in their own bags. The trick is to buy small "travel" type games and toys (I am talking C.H.E.A.P. - like from the Everything's A Dollar Store) and keep them in a bag up front with you and not let the kids see them "at all" until it is time to pass them out. Then everytime they start to get fussy you pull out something "new". I have even done this with toys out of my daughter's room that she didn't know I brought. The reason it works so well is because if you give them everything all at once they get "bored". If you give them things "they don't even know you have" spread out through the trip they will play longer with each toy instead of the usual, "Are we there yet?" after five minutes. I am sure this works with kids of all ages but it really worked very well when my daughter was younger and just she and I would make long trips to visit family, etc.

Monday, March 02, 2009

MMM: Word of Wisdom

This is my very first "Motivate Me Monday" post. I ran across this on someone's blog (can't recall who at the moment) and thought, "What a wonderful idea!!" So what inspires me...there are so many I could use but since this is my first post I will be short and sweet.

For my birthday last year a friend of mine gave me a set of "Words of Wisdom" cards that sit on my desk at work. (She bought them at Lifeway.) I try to look at them everyday and pick one and think, "How can I act on this?".

For example, today I read this one: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who follow His precepts have good understanding. To Him belongs eternal praise." Psalm 111:10

I then think of how each do these "Words of Wisdom" can be used in my life!

Oh Baby, Baby

I had mentioned in a previous post our desire to add to our already wonderful family! Well it is official. Starting yesterday, March 1st, we are back on the TTC wagon. As I mentioned before we had been on the TTC wagon for a little while. Then we found out my sister-in-law was pregnant and out of respect for her first pregnancy decided to give her a little time AND get through the holidays before we tried again. We are going to try for 6 months and then take a break for awhile. There are several reasons behind that but that will have to be another post all together! So what are we doing different this go around you ask:

1. Taking Provera

2. Taking Origins for Women - for reproductive health

3. Will begin in April taking clomid

4. Basal bady temps

5. Charting

6. Diet & Exercise

If it is meant to be it will happen. If not we do understand it is God's will at this time. I will try to update at least once a month. :-)