Friday, May 28, 2010

PCOS is official...I have PCOS...or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. They say I probably have always had it even before I got pregnant with Baylee but that after I had her the hormones really got thrown out of whack. It affects 5 - 10% of women of reproductive age. It has caused me to have problems with low female hormones, high male hormones which cause facial hair/mail hair, thinning hair, dark skin patches, excessive weight gain, inability to lose weight, insulin resistance, irregular periods/infertility, etc. He said it took so long to diagnose b/c they thought I had thyroid issues b/c my old doctor diagnosed me with that but the last two thyroid test came back normal. So blood work and a physical exam proved I had PCOS. It is sad b/c had we known earlier I wouldn't have had a miscarriage last year. He said when Brian gets home and I am still having problems then he will send me to an endocrinologist.

For now...treatment is birth control and glucophage (anti-diabetic drug). I also will be on a semi-diabetic diet. We shall see!!! I am sad that I have this but glad to finally have answers.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deployment - 2010

Here we go again! The hubby is away on his latest deployment. I am so glad that I have such a great support group. Please remember to pray for our troops!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Promise to My Man! :)

I don't do very good about keeping this blog updated. However, my hubby left yesterday and after his last deployment I promised him I would keep this blog up a little better. Of course, I have facebook and so does he but I think he likes to come somewhere to see a little more detail of what is going on in our life while he is away. He left this morning on his second phase of this deployment. (You will see video on the page.) So I figure it is about time to start writing a little. Even if I only have time to do it a few times a month. Hopefully, I will have time to do it more but at this time I don't want to promise to do more than I can!