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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catch Me If You Can! I in Texas or Mississippi? Your guess is as good as mine! :) The last few weeks have been a whirlwind but it has been enjoyable albeit tiring! I was in Texas a little over three weeks until I came home for a few days last weekend. I drove then so I could bring Ruger back to Mississippi and take a load of boxes out to San Antonio. I drove back to SA on Monday. It was a pretty trip. We have gone through Dallas and gone through Houston and they are both good rides. This past time I went through Houston &  for whatever reason it seemed like it was a little easier to stay awake than through Dallas. Either way is a good drive...even if it is 10 hours! I worked my last week with my preceptor Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I flew in to Mississippi Friday morning and will leave back out on Tuesday. I will be in SA for about 10 days and then I will drive (Again!) back to Mississippi for my baby brothers graduation. That will be my last trip back to Mississippi for a while...possibly even until fall. Mainly because a lot of family/friends plan on coming out this summer and once Brian and Baylee get over there with me we have to get settled in & get her ready to start school in the fall.

Baylee is doing good. She has been helping her daddy work on the house and doing a good job. With all she had going on the past year we never let her get her permit but we finally got the things together and she will be able to get it here in Mississippi one day next week. The rules are a little bit different in Texas so there are a few things she will have to do there but she may not have to keep her permit the whole year before she gets her license (Of course, this also depends on how well she does with her permit!). The weekend of Hunter's graduation is Brians May drill so we will head down to Nola with him and then he and Baylee will go back to SA with me to take the rest of our things. Baylee will stay in SA with me (other than little visits to MS before school starts). Brian will come back to Mississippi to finish up the house and then the plan is for him to be in SA with us by the beginning of June. Baylee is excited about the pool, possibly getting a job this summer, all the things to do in SA and starting school in the fall. She will be going to a show choir camp here in MS the beginning of June and one in SA the end of June.

Brian has a telephone interview Monday with an ambulance company in SA. He has already spoken to the operations person there and really likes him and the company sounds good. Should he officially get offered the job, he is hoping to start the beginning of June so he can give his supervisor in MS a good 3-4 weeks notice because they have been shorthanded. His supervisor knew that we were moving when he accepted the position but Brian still wants to be courteous. He has worked really hard on the house but we have a lot left to do still. Maybe not as much as it seems but you know when you are the midst of it, it seems like a lot...especially when you are in a time frame. We were hoping to rent our house but we may put it on the market for a short while first and see how it goes. If it doesn't sell fairly quickly (Within a set time frame...we haven't decided how long yet...just have to look at our finances) then we will rent it. 

Out in San Antonio, things are going well. It is different living in an apartment when you are used to a house and extra space but the apartment is nice...even though it is small! At least, it doesn't take long to clean! :) My work is fabulous! I still have to get used to the equipment, processes and what the doctors like, etc. but I got it in MS so I know I will catch on in TX. I LOVE my well as my other friends I have met there in SA. They have done well to help me adjust and fill me in on all things Texas! I can't wait for my family to get over there so they can enjoy it as much as I do!

Well...guess that is enough rambling for now! I just wanted to do a little update to let everyone know we are doing good and how we stand on everything! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our New Family Member

How could you not love these two faces? These are my two favorite boys in my life right now! Ruger, our newest addition, fits right in. Brian bought him for me for Valentines Day. Yes, I know, *swoon*...sorry ladies ...he's mine! :) Last year my baby boy Storm passed away. I had missed him terribly and my sweet baby knew it so he brought another sweet boy into my life! So when you read about "the boys" they are & Ruger is now the baby around the Garrett house! He is already spoiled! I am not sure if they will miss me or him more while I am over in Texas the next few months!