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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Weigh-In Wednesday: Tiffany

This post is so sad! I don't even feel like posting a picture! Oh the misery!! I weighed this morning and I was at *gulp* 259! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Of course eating Christmas food and finger food about 10+ times over the past couple of weeks will do that to you!! I am still 3 lbs less than I oringially started way back in August but I am NOW 1lb heavier than when we officially started this! Yikes!

I am glad to have it all out in the open and that I am being honest - like I keep saying and telling myself - that is what this is about! If I am not honest here then I won't be honest with myself and I won't ever lose weight!

I do feel good that I am back on CC. I have done really good today. I brought my breakfast and my lunch and know what I am going to have for dinner so that is good!

B - Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal 160; Capri Sun - 90
L - Michelina's Cheese Lasagna - 280; Capri Sun - 90
D - Hot Dog w/Bun - 310 (If I have 1 w/Bun and 1 w/o Bun it would be 543; If I have two it would be 620)

So depend on what I eat tonight my Calorie intake will be between 930 - 1240. I haven't taken my pill today but I am gonig to take it after lunch because it is the afternoon and when I first get home that I need more energy! Plus I eat worse in the afternoon and at home so that might help save me! I also plan to get AT LEAST half my water in before I leave work today! Next weigh-in from me you will be seeing fireworks!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh My!

So does my picture give you any clues as to how I did and how my weigh-in will go tomorrow? Ha! I - as you did - ate way too much and TONS of stuff I shouldn't have! I am sure my weigh-in will be horrific but that is what this thing is about - being honest! I was really tired so even though I am back on CC (calorie counting) I did not do so well for lunch. I had mexican which as you know is horrible! However, that is all I have eaten today and I won't eat tonight considering I figured what I ate to be over 1500 C!!! Sheesh! I also have ALOT to do when I get home tonight around the house so that will add in some exercise. I haven't drank any water today so I REALLY need to do that! So maybe if I get my water in and do enough work tonight then my day won't look too bad!

Starting tomorrow I am going to have to bring my lunch OR only plan to eat out once or twice a week. It will save money and calories! We have a couple of big trips possibly in the works for next year and I want to definitley be close to goal or at goal when that time comes!! Even if not that - I would like to feel better about myself anyway! We are also going to the rodeo at the beginnning of February and even if I don't lose alot of weight by then I do hope to be able to buy a cute, comfortable pair of jeans!!

I have a juiceman juicer and I have heard people talking about "detoxing". I thought about doing that. Have you ever heard anything - good or bad - about that. It just might be a good way to get all of this holiday "junk" out of my system and give this life change a good jump start!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Weigh-In Wednesday - Tiffany

Well not so good this morning! I went back up to 255. I figured I had though. I just laughed when I read your last post about Christmas food. I have already celebrated Christmas with work, bunco, Garretts, Iveys and the Barnettes. I still have to celebrate with the Smiths, Brian's dad's family, Brian's mom's family and my mom. THEN at some point I have to get together with three of my friends to celebrate. We have also had some kind of food EVERY day at work!! This afternoon we are having hor' derves and libations! So needless to say I have been eating, eating, eating!! I will say I haven't eaten as much as I usually would have! I do hate there was that three pound gain BUT if this site is going to work we have to be honest about the good AND the bad!! That includes eating and weigh-ins! SO my goal for next weigh-in is NOT to gain anymore weight. Even if I don't lose any or lose much I DO NOT want to gain anymore!!

Beginning Weight: 262
Last Weigh In: 252
This Weigh In: 255

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tiffany's Random Weight-Loss Thoughts

<-----This is the girl I am using if I just have "random" life change thoughts! So if you see her then you know it is just "random"! So I had been thinking I can't wait for two things: #1 To go down a size - well this morning I was actually thinking it is going to be nice to be comfortable in the clothes that I have. So that will be the first thing I look forward to! The clothes I have now fit, they aren't too snug or anything but they are not "comfortable". (If I try to go up a size they hang on me and the size lower is too small but yet the ones I am wearing really don't fit that great - it is almost like I need a 1/2 size or something - strange!) #2 I CAN NOT wait to be under 250. I have been right around this weight for so long that I can't even remember the last time I wasn't around 250. THEN I can't wait to weight less than my husband. He is usually around 210 or so (and he is not a "fat" guy - he is just broad shouldered & muscular - of course with a little bit of a "marriage" gut!) So from when I actually started losing weight back in August (?) until the point I get to his weight it will be a loss of 52 pounds! From yesterday's weigh-in I have 42 pounds left to way the same as my hubby. That would put me at 210 and then of course my next goal will be ONEDERLAND!!! I am not going to get my hopes up because I know that you can hit plateaus and that everyone loses weight differently. Based on the weight loss of several people over the course of 3 months on BL and based on my first weeks weight loss I am going to make a little weight loss goal list based on an average loss of 3lbs a week. I don't think that is over shooting too bad. I know some weeks I may not lose and some weeks I may lose more but lets just put this into focus - makes me feel better anyway to see these numbers!

As of today: 252

Brian's Weight is 210 - to reach that I need to lose 42 lbs - based on 3lbs a week I should reach his weight by March 22nd.

Based on this same scale I should be in ONEDERLAND by April 5th!! 199!! I know that is 4 months but I have NOT seen a"1" in front of my weight in OVER 6 years! SO I figure 4 months is nothing!

WELL if we continue on that same scale I will be 180 by the end of May! Just in time for summer! THAT is only a little over FIVE MONTHS away! That is ALSO on 40 lbs from my goal weight and a total of 82 lbs lost!

SO if I continue on that same scale then I will be at my GOAL weight BY Thanksgiving of next year!! That is less than a year away!

I know that this may be unreasonable thinking and I can't count on 3lbs every week and I can't count on NO plateaus nor can I know when my body is ready say "enough weight loss" BUT considering I haven't been at my goal weight in 10 years I think 11 months is worth the weight! That in itself makes me want to stick to it!

P.S. I was looking at how low your calories were yesterday...mine have been that low for the past two days and I have been eating but not tons and tons of food. I am scared I am not going to get enough calories and stall my weight loss - what do you think?

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

So Much More...

This thing is so much more to me. It is about losing the weight, changing my life, losing the bad attitude, becoming a better person in all of my relationships in my life! Life is too short to sit around and wait for tomorrow - who knows if we have tomorrow!

I had decided that by the end of this year I would like to lose 10lbs. I am up to 6 and you never know how things go week to week so hopefully that goal will be reached. I feel it will be. My reward? Won't be food! I am going to treat myself to a new pair of earrings! Everytime I reach a goal that I set here in writing by a certain date I am going to treat myself. Of course, it won't always be something expensive! I might only spend $2.00 on those earrings but I am going to get them! Better than the $2.00 I would usually spend on a coke and candy bar!

The Good & The Bad: Tiffany

Well I have lost my first 6lbs. (Strange that the last diet in my first week I lost 6lbs. That must be my "starting" number. Ha! Of course, the last couple of diets I never stuck with it and didn't make it any further! This time will be different.) That is definitely good!

The bad is I really haven't exercised but I have been going like crazy with all the Christmas funtions, shopping and activities that I have been involved in. SO in actuality that is more exercise than I usually get. I just need to start trying to add it in and/or make sure AS SOON as things start slowing down I start replacing that time "running around" with exercise.

I really haven't kept up with my diet that well. I have definitely eaten less but I haven't "Crunched numbers" per say. I really didn't start "paying attention" to calorie intake until Monday and on that day I probably had about 1600 or so calories. Based on that I am ashamed to say that my regular calorie intake was probably somewhere around 3200! I say this because I ate SO much better that day. Alot of times it is not HOW much I eat at one meal but the types of foods I eat and the "little bites" of this or that throughout the day. It is funny that you think if you just take ONE cookie here and there through the day it is not as bad as sitting down eating the whole bag! Tuesday I didn't eat enough calories AT ALL! I think I only ate around 1000 and that is shooting high. I ate lunch and went shopping after work so by the time I got home it was late and WAY past dinner and I really wasn't hungry. I am also trying not to eat ANYTHING after 7:00. So the good is that I am eating less but not necessarily more healthy - yet!!

Weigh - In Wednesday: Tiffany

Well I decided that instead of weighing in on Mondays I will do it on Wednesdays. Just thought "Weigh - In" Wednesday sounded good! Also, I am bad about putting things off until Monday. I will start a new diet Monday, I will do such and such Monday. It is like I make such excuses that I can't start something in the middle of the week - so this "Life Change" is going to be all around for me - not just about weight but about changing my whole life!

So to the weigh - in. When we decided to do this (even before you got the website up and going) I was 258. As of this morning I am 252. That makes it a loss of 6lbs. I know the first pounds are always "water weight" but to me any loss is good! I had told myself that I won't to lose AT LEAST 10 by the end of the year so hopefully I can accomplish that goal.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Before "Face Shot"

What is sad about this picture is we tried SO hard and took so many "test" shots in order to keep them from looking like "fat" pictures! I can't wait until we can take one and like it on the first try!

Monday, December 05, 2005

My Story: Tiffany

I am Tiffany. My cousin Traci and I started this site (mainly her idea!) to help us be able to go through the "weight loss" process together. This site is mainly for our use but if you stumbled across it - that is okay too! Most of my post will be directly to her or mainly about my feelings, struggles & accomplishments day to day. Here is my story:

I have just about always struggled with my weight. I have not always been obese like I am now but I have always had to work to keep that extra 5, 10, 20 lbs off that most people can do without blinking an eye! Mine started around puberty and it seems like it just hasn't stopped! I was average weight (which by today's standards is probably chubby to some) until about ninth grade. All through high school my weight fluctuated. Up and down and up and down. It seems like I was on a constant weight roller coaster.

Well marriage and child birth took its toll on me! I am now considered obese. Severly obese. In the days to come I will give you my stats and will be posting before and hopefully soon - after pictures!

Today I am waiting on my "Biggest Loser" book and DVD to come in. That is the "life change" that I am going to try. I really enjoyed how the show took just normal people and showed them how to lose weight by regular methods - food and exercise!

By the end of the week I will have actual "before" photos up. I plan on updating those every two weeks. I will also set a weekly goal beginning on Mondays. Other than that I am going to play it by ear. I want this to be somewhere I can come and share exactly what I am feeling and exactly what I am going through.

My Stats as of today:

Height: 5 ft 5 inchs
Weight: 258
BMI: 42.9 Obese
BMR: 1947.70

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI)Your BMI or "Body Mass Index" helps to assess overweightness or obesity using individual weight and height ratios. BMI does not measure body fat. Depending on your calculated BMI you can gauge whether you are undeweight, overweight, or obese for others in your weight/height range. Info obtained from: Biggest Loser Website

BASAL METABOLIC RATE (BMR); This calculator will assess your Basal Metabolic Rate, which is fancy talk for the number of calories you naturally burn. Or, another way to look at it, is the number of calories you'd burn if you stayed in bed and slept all day. A person's BMR decreases as they age, meaning you need to be more active to burn the same amount of calories that you naturally burned at a younger age. The BMR calculator uses height, weight, age and gender to determine your resting calorie count. Info obtained from: Biggest Loser Website