Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Works For Me Wednesday & Sad News


My works for me Wednesday this week is a short and sweet one. To make your car smell nice in the summer time you can do one of two things very cheap! If you have any half used or melted candles - you can put them in a plastic grocery bag and tie the bag up and place under the seat of your car. For a stronger smell you can place it in some sort of plastic bowl etc without the lid and when your car heats up from the summer sun it fills your car with a wonderful smell! The second is to do the same thing but use a bar of soap - the kind with fragrance. I know short and sweet!


The first thing is one of my grandmothers passed away last night. It was expected and we know she is no longer in pain but hard on the family none the less. Please keep our family in your prayers.

Also, recently I had two very close friends hurt me. It was quite possibly unintentional. I am not mad but just hurt. After I was confronted I prayed about it and then decided to respond with honesty about how I felt about the situation. More over I just asked that we all just try to start over on a clean slate and life is too short and too hard for friendship to be a "competition" or for friendship not to be "50/50" in the giving department. I am not asking for a big explaination. I would love just to hear for once from both of them "I am sorry I hurt you and lets ALL work on this together and get our friendship back in order." We have been friends since Jr. High so it makes it tough. Anyway, I haven't heard back which makes me sad but you can only do so much. I want to contact them but I am not going to beg anyone to be my friend. If they want to be then I will just pray that they will try to see my side and confront me and lets move on from this. I would love to have them over this weekend and lets just relax and start fresh but I see no way of that happening unless they get back with me first.

So the sadness of both of these things is overwhelming today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's A Girl!

I found out bright and early this morning that my best friend is having a baby girl! Yeah! She already has one beautiful daughter so I am sure this one will be just as beautiful! Now I REALLY have baby fever! Ha!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Counting Calories

Tiffany asked me to share some of my calorie counting tips, so here ya go...

To begin, I'm shooting for 1200-1300 calories during the week and 1500 on the weekends.

I started by deciding a calorie range for my 5 meal times. This way if it's dinner time and I don't know my current calorie total for the day, I still know about what range I need to keep it in.
Breakfast - 200
Lunch - 400
Snack - 100
Dinner - 400-500
Snack - 100
(I add 200 calories to either lunch or dinner on the weekends)
If I only eat 150 at breakfast, then I'll keep that in mind for the rest of the day that I can do an additional 50 at one of my meals. Vice Versa, if I go over by 50, I know that I have to cut one meal by 50.

I keep notes of what I eat on the computer, because I'm just not good at writing things down and keeping up with it. I try to keep a running total in my head for the day though. To make this easier, I round calories up or down to the nearest 10th. So if breakfast was 283, I would round down to 280. It's just easier to remember a whole number.

When I cook something, I take the time to literally write down the calories of every ingredient I use in each dish. It's actually kind of fun to see how much is actually in the whole dish. Once I have my total, I will keep dividing the total by a number until the calories get into my range. That tells me how many servings the dish is. I then visually divide the dish into that many servings to decide how much I can eat. For instance my baked spaghetti dish has 3690. If I divide it by 9 then a serving is 410 calories and that leaves 90 calories for my salad. So, then I visually divide it up into 9 servings (sometimes I will actually draw a line through the food with my utensil) If I was just having the spaghetti then I would divide by 8 and have a 461 calorie serving. It sounds kind of time consuming but it's really not. Also, if an ingredient doesn't have calorie content on the package, for instance veggies or fresh meat, I use Calorie King to get my calorie info.

We eat out about twice a week for dinner and I usually go out at lunch to pick something up. The first thing I did when I started counting was to go to the website of the restaurants that we go to frequently. Most of them offer nutritional content online. I went through the menus and found things that fall between my ranges; give or take a little. I then made a list of just those items and I keep it in my car. So if I decide to go to Chick-Fil-A for lunch, I can just glance at the list and decide what I want. I don't have to ask for nutritional info when I get there or look it up before I go. Also if we are going out to a restaurant where the menus are brought to your table. I don't even pick up my menu, because thanks to my handy list, I've already decided what I want. It also helps me not to be tempted by the "bad" things on the menu. Of course we do go to a restaurant every now and then that I don't have on my list. Hopefully they have calorie content on the menu, if not I use what I know and make my best attempt at ordering healthy and then I look up those foods when I get home. My last restaurant tip is one of my faves. If you want to indulge a bit and get something on the menu that is way over your range, go for it but ask to have half of it put in a to-go container before the food is even brought out. You'll be glad you did come lunchtime tomorrow when you get to dine on your favorite food for the second day in a row!! Overtime I have learned what I can have and really don't have to rely on the list anymore, but it's good to have around.

I don't deprive myself from something I really want when counting calories. If I am really craving something that's high in calories, I eat it. I just count it in my calories. So, if it's worth it to kill an extra 300 calories at lunch, that's fine, I just have to cut it somewhere else. Most times, I will only eat half of whatever my craving is. For instance if it's 2:30 and a Snickers bar screams my name when I walk by the vending machine, I may get it and only eat half. So of my 100 calories allowed at my afternoon snack, I went over by 40. So I just have to cut them at snack time tonight or at dinner. If I decide to eat the whole thing, then I have to cut 180 somewhere else.

For me, counting calories isn't about dieting and only eating veggies and fruit. I can eat whatever I want, but within reason. It's about being very conscious of everything I put in my mouth.

There is one downside. Your husband will get sick and tired of you being able to ramble off the calorie content of everything he eats as well. I guess a Large Dairy Queen Reese's Blizzard isn't as good when you've just learned that it's got a total of 1011 calories in it! Fortunately, he and his 2% body fat can handle it.

Monday Stats - Traci

B - South Beach High Protein Cereal Bar - 140
L - Arby's Grilled Chicken Sante Fe Salad, 1/2 pkg dressing, 1/2 pkg tortilla strips - 491
D - 2 Homemade Corn Dogs - 420, 13 tostitos - 160, dipping sauce - 50 = 1261

Total Calories - 1261
Total Water - 58
Total Exercise - none


I'm trying again as well. Today is day one of "try" number 3,285!

I'm going back to counting calories. I'm going to start posting them again too. As silly as it may seem, when I was posting them I did much better. I know nobody else really cares what I eat, but it helps me so I'm going to keep doing it.

So here's (toasting my bottle of water to the air) to day one for both us!!

By the way, I weighed in this morning at *wincing" 219! That's up 6 lbs since 4/13/06! Whoa!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Good Times

Good Evening - Happy Father's Day - Almost anyway! Ha! Thought I would come in and do a quick post. In the mood for posting! I had one of the best nights I have had in a very long time! Wow! I know it doesn't sound like much but my husband, myself, our daughter, her friend, and 3 friends of ours came over for the afternoon/night. We started out the evening by going father's day shopping - yes late I know! Then we came back home and ate our "first" serving of gumbo that I had worked on preparing for hours! IT was SO good! I was so impressed with myself! :-) I am a "okay" kinda cook. Every once in awhile I get something right and "baam!" it is good. Through out the night we each had at least one more bowl. Then we fought with the ice cream maker and finally had home made ice cream - twice! Ha! We laughed for hours on end - until I had tears in my eyes. Afterwards, we watched a movie and now they have just left.

"So what was so good about that night?", you ask. It is the fact that I got to sit around with my friends, in the comfort of my own home and enjoy myself and "really relax" for the first time in a long time. I really think - and know from what they told me a few minutes ago before they left - that we all had one of the best nights we have had in a long time. Today I am grateful for good friends and good times.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Trying It Again

This will be a short and sweet post! I have been slacking lately with so much going on! The past month has been C-R-A-Z-Y! Not only have I been slacking on my blogging but on my weight loss, too! So starting Monday I am going to try weight watchers again. In full force - drinking water, exercising, etc! I will keep you posted!

Well it has been awhile!!!

I have been SO busy but I decided to start back off on the right foot with the wonderful Works-for-Me Wednesday hosted by!

SO my WFMW is kind of a recipe. I just learned it and have already used it. If you are like me occasionally you run out of snacks or the kiddos (Or you!) just want something to snack on. For a super quick yummy treat that the can help make try this:

5 Minute Homemade Ice Cream - 1 Serving

  1. 1 Quart Size ziploc bag.
  2. 1 Gallon Size ziploc bag.
  3. 1 cup milk
  4. 1 tsp. vanilla
  5. 2 tablespoons sugar
  6. 12 ice cubes
  7. 3 tbsp of salt
  • Put the milk, vanilla and sugar in the quart size bag - press the air out and seal bag.
  • Place the ice cubes, salt and then the quart size bag (with the milk "mixture" that is sealed really tight, right?!) inside the gallon bag.
  • Seal the gallon bag.
  • For the next several minutes - possibly up to five. Let the kids twist, roll, flip and turn this bag.
  • The ice/salt in the gallon size bag helps freeze the "milk mixture" in the quart size bag into a yummy treat!!
  • Once the mixture looks to be the consistancy of homemade ice cream you take the quart size bag out and rinse the outside of it. (To get the salt off!)
  • Then pour in a bowl or eat directly out of the bag - Enjoy!