Friday, January 27, 2006

No Excuse Policy

Life will never present us with the perfect setting for losing weight (unless we sign up for the BL) There will always be something to blame for not being able to do it. Therefore, I have incorporated a no excuses policy into my regimen. I'm trying to catch myself when I make an excuse and then tell myself why it is lame and figure out a way to make it work. Here is a list of the excuses I used to use (ok I still use them on occasion) for not losing weight and what I try to tell myself. I actually started these last week and have been writing them down as I catch myself. I thought of a few more while writing this too. (WIL - why it's lame)

E: Because I have to cook for Bobby and Brayden and I don't want to cook seperate things!
WIL: Hello, they NEED to be eating healthy too. Do you want Brayden to grow up learning to eat healthy? Yes, then he needs to be eating healthy now. As far as Bobby is concerned, this is about me taking care of me! If he doesn't want to eat healthy then he knows where the skillet and the stove are.

E: It's so hard because I have snacks and stuff all around for Bobby and Brayden.
WIL: Again, they do not need to be eating that junk either. Get rid of it and replace it with fruit and healthy snacks. (I still need to get rid of a few things)

E: By the time I get home, cook dinner, clean it up, give a bath, read a bedtime story etc...I'm too tired to excersize.
WIL: You're not a single parent. Bobby can give a bath and clean. Just ask. ( I did and he does, I mean his woman is working on getting skinny - he'll do anything he can to help)

E: I just don't like to exercise. It's not fun.
WIL: You don't like being fat and it's not fun. If you're serious about this, making the decision between the two should be easy

E: I hate water and I just can't make myself drink it.
WIL: Water is essentially flavorless, how can you hate it? It's the missing out on the other stuff that you hate. And yes, you CAN make yourself. You are a mentally stable adult that is capable of making decisions. Just decide to do it!

E: The girls at work wanted to go out for lunch today and they really wanted me to go.
WIL: Then go, just make a healthy choice. Nobody said that because you're going to eat out that you have to eat junk. And if they are going somewhere that eating healthy is not an option...then don't go. You aren't a teenager anymore and are capable of conquering the peer pressure. Just say no!!

E: I have too much to do to be messing with counting calories and eating healthy.
WIL: This is one of the lamest ones. It takes just as much time to eat a hamburger as it does a lean turkey sandwich with light mayo. If you don't have time to count calories, then don't, but that doesn't give you an excuse to eat chocolate cake for breakfast.

E: I'm losing so slowly, I'm just gonna quit and learn how to be happy being fat.
WIL: You gained it slowly and the best way to lose it is slowly. Hey at least you're losing. Do you really think you will ever be happy being fat...NO, so don't pretend that you can convince yourself to be.

E: I feel like crap today so I'm going to take it easy and eat whatever I want.
WIL: That's fine, take it easy. That doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want though. It doesn't take more energy or time to eat an apple vs a twinkie. You probably feel like crap because you are "obese" (Yes I said the "O" word. As Dr. Phil says you can't change what you don't acknowledge - 6 months ago I was considered "morbidly obese", so I'll take obese...for now. I have 25 lbs to lose before I'm considered simply as "overwieght")

E: If I am cooking something special for work etc, I have to eat it because I need to know that it tastes ok... it right?
WIL: Wrong, you've made that a hundred times and you know it tastes fine. You know it's yummy too and that's why you really want to taste it!

E: I ate too much today but hey it's still less than I used to eat. (I use this one alot)
WIL: Keep telling yourself that and you'll be back up to 2000 caloreis before you know it. You are trying to learn how to quit quit OVEREATING!

E: Once I give in I might as well blow it the rest of the day.
WIL: This is the kind of thinking that got you where you are today. Doing this is like running a race and tripping halfway and then getting up and running back towards the starting line. That's crazy!

E: It's expensive to eat healthy.
WIL: The medical bills that result from diabetes and heartattacks cost a lot more than lean meat and whole grains!

E: It's so much harder to do on the weekend.
WIL: Saturday and Sunday are no different then Monday, Tuesday.... It's just another day. Still 24 hours, the sun still shines and the moon still comes out at night. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be able to do at home what you do at work. If it's easier because you stay busy at work, then stay busy at home. If it's because you aren't surrounded by junk food at work, then don't surround yourself with it at home. On the weekend you should actually have more time to exercise and think through what you eat.

Ok, I think that's it for now. I kind of got on a roll. I went back through all of my post and counted how many times I made excuses. Once I hit ten, I quit counting. Most of my excuses in the post have to do with exercise more than eating. The eating healthier and less has actually be pretty easy for me. It's the exercise that's been a bit of a struggle. I am working on it though and applying the "No Excuses" policy. I say going forward that we are not allowed to post any excuses. What do you think? If I's your job to call me out. If I don't do well one day, that's fine, I just can't make an excuse. I have to be honest and blame no one but myself. The post should read like this: "I did pretty bad today. I have no excuse, I simply did not want to do it today. I was lazy and didn't think I was worth the effort." Because even if I did have to work late and I was tired and had a lot to do when I got home...the truth still is that I was lazy and I didn't think I was worth the effort....if I thought I was worth it...I would've done it no matter what. I'll be the first to say that yes I will still have days like that. Everyday is not going to be perfect. It's ok to have days like that, but I can't allow myself to let a day turn into a week and then a month. It's all about one day at a time. If you screw it up one day, go to sleep and wake up with a new attitude. No matter what, there is absolutely no valid excuse for not doing it. Even if the worst of worst happens (whatever that may be), it doesn't mean I have to give up on me and throw in the towel. It just means I have to work harder and be stronger. Ok I'll hush now. It's just the more I talk about it the more it gets engrained (is that a word) into my head. I'm going to read this post everyday.

Love ya girl!! We are worth it and we do deserve this!

I'm Back!

Well I have been out of the loop lately haven't I? I will cut to the chase with my weight. I am back at 255. One less than last week but not where I wanted to be at this point in the game. I have had SO much going on:

1. Missing days with Baylee & I being sick.
2. Playing "catch up" when I am at work.
3. Taking a night class - fun, fun!
4. ATTEMPTING to get my home in some kind of order!

Needless to say, as usual, I put my health on the back burner. I have GOT to stop doing that. I have also decided no matter how much I WANT to lose weight and how much I "cut back" if I don't start drinking my water like I should and exercise I will NEVER make it! I talked to Brian and we are going to work on getting our extra bedroom cleaned up and the exercise equipment brought back in there. It has been hard to exercise because the only time I have time to do it is first thing in the morning and late at night and by then I don't want to walk by my self. (Especially since we don't have street lights!) SO one thing at a time. I plan on working on the extra bedroom tonight and tomorrow. As of Monday I will have my exercise equipment in there and I will be back in the game. I HAVE to do this and I know I can it is just like sometimes I let life get in the way. I am VERY proud of you! You have done so well!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Weigh In: Traci

Down just barely a pound from last week...but I guess at least it went down.
I really want to see a 3 or 4 lb loss soon. I have to get my butt on that treadmill!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Weigh - In Wednesday: A Day Late!

I was out sick yesterday so I missed my weigh in. I told you I gained two pounds from my last weigh in from all of my pigging out! Well I am back down to 256 - one pound more than last week and one pound less than a couple of days ago!

I am really into it today! I feel great! I took some vitamins. I took a B Comples (which is good for your metabolism) that contains Vitamin C and Iron (which I need because I have low iron.) I am also starting today on taking Juice Plus. I don't know if you have ever heard of it but it isn't really a "supplement" it is considered "whole food". You can get info from
A lady at work told me about it when I first started here. There is no replacement for actually eating the fruits and veggies but it is good for someone that cannot get all the required ones in each day. Here is a little info on it:


Just two Orchard Blend capsules and two Garden Blend capsules provide the vitamin C of four oranges, the beta carotene of three raw carrots, and more vitamin E than several servings of spinach and broccoli … plus the many other vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants found in the fruit and vegetable powders they contain.

Juice Plus+® provides the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits, vegetables, and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form. Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend® contains seven of the most nutritious fruits around:
apples, oranges, pineapple, cranberries, peaches, acerola cherries, and papaya. Juice Plus+ Garden Blend® contains ten nutrient-dense vegetables and grains: carrots, parsley, beets, kale, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes, and barley and oat fibers.

Taking Juice Plus+® capsules every day provides the nutritional foundation we so desperately need that is so lacking in our diets today.
There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, at least 7-13 servings every day. But if you’re like most people, you don’t eat enough fruits or vegetables or enough variety. And those fruits and vegetables that we do eat tend to be overprocessed, over-cooked, or too far removed from the field, and thus lack much of the nutrition provided by fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. That’s why there’s Juice Plus+®. It’s a convenient, affordable, and natural whole food based nutritional product that harnesses the nutritional power of 17 vegetables, fruits, and grains. Juice Plus+® is not a vitamin supplement, providing a limited number of handpicked nutrients. Juice Plus+® is a whole food based product providing the wide array of nutrients found in a variety of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and grains. It’s the next best thing to fruits and vegetables … because we don’t get nearly enough of the real thing every day

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Weigh-In Wednesday: Traci

I almost forgot to weigh in today....

Up 1 from a few days ago but still down 1.2 lbs from last weigh in!

Salad Dressing

I LOVE salad, but I'm very picky when it comes to the dressing. The real stuff has so many calories and the fat free stuff is usually pretty nasty. I found these Cottage Cheese dressings and they sound ok and only have about 10 calories per Tbsp. They may end up being nasty too, but I'm gonna give the Thousand Island one a try. I'll let you know There are a lot of other really good recipes here also.

This dessert sounds very yummy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Dr's Appt

I went for my Adipex follow up today. Last time I was there (s0metime in Nov) I weighed in at 228.5 Today I was at 214 (I weighed in this morning at home at 211, i ate breakfast and have had 60 oz of water since then though). She said 14 lbs in that amount of time was great. She called in the refills and I go back on the 14th of February. My goal is to be at 199 by then. That's almost 4 lbs a week but I'm going to push myself to do it. If they can do it on the BL then I can do it. I'm bumping the cardio up to 40 minutes a night, sticking to my 1200 on the weekends and getting at least 100 oz of water a day. I can do this and SO CAN YOU!!! I know it's hard, but we've got to keep keepin' on. Not only for ourselves but for the kids.
Are you still taking the Adipex? I don't think I would have gotten this far without it. The nurse that did my weigh in took it for 6 months. She looks awesome. She lost 70lbs. She showed me her "fat" pictures. They were very inspirational!


(On the 210!) That is awesome! Only 11 pounds away from Onederland!! Woohoo! As far as my weekend....lets just say not so well! As I said in my last post we are starting a 3 month diet and I am going to have to be way more strict on it so to be honest I pigged out all weekend! I ate everything I crave to get it out of my system! As of this morning I had gained 2.2 pounds which some of it may be water weight because I ate alot of salty stuff. (I had Kyoto's for lunch yesterday which tends to bloat me!) SO I am on clean slate this morning! It feels good. Between the competition, this site and encouragement from you there is no way I can go wrong!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Goal Day

Well yesterday was my first mini goal date. My goal was to be at 206 by the 15th. Well I weighed in yesterday at 210.2 Only 4 lbs away from my goal and I am pleased with that. Bobby said that I have proved that I can do this and he has agreed to put trying for baby number 2 on hold for now. No matter what I weigh though as of April 1 we are going to begin trying. I would like to be at 180 by then, but that would be 30 lbs in 11 weeks. My goal is to lose 2 a week, so that only puts me at 188. I would be ecstatic with that. I'll shoot for the 30 though, just to push me. I have finally started to bump up the exercising so hopefully that will help. How did you do this weekend??

Friday, January 13, 2006

Weigh-In Wednesday & Other News

Well I will start in with my Weigh-In from Wednesday. I didn't lose but at least I didn't gain!! I stayed at 255!! Ugh.

I have not been very motivated AT ALL the past couple of days. I am wondering if it is because everything is a disaster right now. My house is a disorganized wreck, my car is awful and my office was until a couple of days ago. I know it sounds stupid but when I am unorganized it is like I can't function! Not to mention the fact that I have been broke so couldn't really grocery shop like I wanted to!

So I am starting fresh "kinda". I am off Monday for MLK day so I am going to take this weekend to get my house & car clean and organized. I might even put a few new coats of paint on the walls. When I leave work today I want to leave things in good order so I can't start fresh on Tuesday when I come back to work. I am going to clean out my cabinets and fridge and go shopping and only by "safe" foods. I am going to get my extra bedroom cleaned and get my exercise equipment back in there. I am getting fired up just by talking about it!! I guess it is easier when you are organized and things seem to flow easier!

Not to mention the fact I got "The Biggest Loser" competition going here at work. We are going to go for 3 months each doing our own "diet plans" and see who loses the highest percentage of weight. The Biggest Loser gets the money in the "pot". So far we have 9 maybe 10 people so that puts us up to either $180.00 or $200.00!!! We have someone very trust worthy and not involved to keep the money and do our weigh in. We are going to weight in Tuesday and then we won't have another official weigh in until our last one on April 17th!

I have the advantage though because I have this site and you and I can post each week and get encouragment from you and doing this!! It feels good to come here and put in words how I am feeling!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Beef and Biscuits
1 lb of Extra Lean Ground Beef
1/2 c Chopped Onion
1/2 c Bell Pepper
1 Clove of Garlic
8 oz Can of Tomato Sauce
10 oz Can of Regular Refrigerated Biscuits (not Grands)
1 c of 2% Monterey Jack or Colby Cheese shredeed
1/2 c Light Sour Cream
1 Egg, slightly beaten

Preheat oven to 375

In large skillet brown the ground beef, onion, garlic and bell pepper, drain. Stir it tomato sauce and simmer on low while preparing biscuits.

Seperate biscuits into 10. Pull each biscuit into 2 layers (this part is a bit tricky, the biscuits need to be cold and right out of the fridge or they are hard to pull apart) Lay 10 halves on the bottom of a lightly greased 8x11 casserole dish or a deep 9 inch pie plate. Reserve the other 10 halves for the top.

Remove meat mixture from heat and stir in 1/2 cup of cheese, the sour cream and the egg; mix well. Spoon over layer of biscuits. Arrange remainng biscuits on top of meat mixture.
Bake for 25 minutes, remove and add remaining cheese; bake an additional 5 minutes.

Makes 8 servings. Each serving is only 242 calories! Enjoy!!

To My Blog Friends!

Got this in an email and couldn't resist! I thought it was real cute. I am actually a little nervous today because we get our yearly evaluations. I strive to do my best but sometimes......anyway!

Hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Weigh-In Wednesday: Traci

Down 3.9 lbs since last weigh and down 8.6lbs since original weigh in on Dec 6th. It's going slow, but at least it's going. I knew I would put a few back on after the flush over the weekend. I always seem do worse on the weekends, so I've decided I'm going to do the modified flush every weekend. I think if I have a certain strict paln to focus on I will do better than just winging it.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I Am Trying!

So last night I ended up changing around my menu some. I ended up eating 1415 calories yesterday and my activities were only at 1409 calories! Ugh! The thing is all and all I ate really good and I walked an HOUR last night!!

Today I am at 1204 calorie wise already!! I am going to have to work out more I suppose or this weight is not going to EVER come off!! I was worried about my calories but based on my BL book my average calorie intake for weight loss should be 1800 a day!! If I am not losing now I sure won't lose with 1800! I really need to pick up the exercise more. I mean on BL that is how they lose all that weight! They exercise like two hours everyday!!! Scary!

Paris' New Purse

I guess it is supposed to be in memory of her dead dog! Ha! Check It Out Here!

Not much to say today! Just busy at home and brain feels kind of jumbled! Hope all is well with everyone else!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I think your plan sounds great. I need to start paying more attention to the food groups too. I noticed on my fitday report that I am getting a lot less than the RDA on many vitamins and minerals. I need to start taking a multi-vitamin. Have you taken a look at the new food pyramid. It now bases your pyramid on your age and gender. Here is mine.

As for the water here is my take on it. I think the flavored water counts as far as your bodies hydration needs are concerned, however I don't think it counts towards helping to flush more fat. Fat is expelled through exhaling and urinating. It does make you go to the bathroom more, but your liver is having to filter out the artificial flavorings and colors therefore it's not flushing as much fat as it would be with pure water. But for people who struggle to get there water, I think the flavored water is a good addition. 100 oz from a combination of flavored and pure is better than only being able to get down 60oz of pure water because it is making you go to the bathroom more, therefore probably expelling more fat. However, 100 of pure would be even better. My goal is to get at least 80 of pure water a day.

New Outlook!

Wow! Sounds like the Trafany Fruit Flush is doing good for you!!! I should have at least try to modify it instead of quitting completely. Have I ever told you about my feminine problems? Without going into too many details - I can go for a year without a period and then I can turn around and go for months and months with one. It has been a nightmare. I got put back on BC Thursday to help regulate it. (When we get ready to try "baby making" I will get put on something else but decided I didn’t want to end up pregnant before WDW!) Anyway, I started taking it Thursday. My "problem" thus far has seemed to "clear up" and I am telling you I feel SO much better!! It also problem helps that I was more active yesterday!! I really feel great. It is a good feeling! I have decided to also come up with kind of my own "diet" plan.

I know for sure I don’t drink enough. This is something I really need to bring in to my diet because without it the weight won’t come off as fast. I remember once you telling me that on one of the plans you tried you tried they say to drink half of your weight in water. Half of my weight would be about 15 8oz glasses. I have a hard time drinking water when I eat so 5 of those ten glasses will be at my 5 different meal/snack times and I will use my "orange" crystal light in those along with another glass of regular water. The other glasses will be "gulp" straight water in between meals! I think this will help A LOT!

Truthfully you can’t really lose weight without adding this in. I am going to try to do something everyday for at least 20 minutes for the next two weeks. If I go over that is fine as long as I do something EVERYDAY for 20 minutes.

For the next two weeks I am going to stick to a strict diet Monday - Friday. On the weekends I am going to be more laid back though I will still somewhat watch what I eat but I won’t be counting calories. Come Monday morning back to my diet! My food for the next week will consist of this:

8oz Water

B - Oatmeal & Crystal Light Water + 8oz Water

16oz Water

S - Orange & Crystal Light Water + 8oz Water

16oz Water

L - Creamy Chicken Soup @ Hand, Dannon Yogurt w/Fiber, Banana & Crystal Light Water
+ 8oz Water

16oz Water

D - Grilled: Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast, 1 cup Zucchini, 1 cup Broccoli, 1 cup Mushrooms & Crystal Light Water + 8oz Water

2 Cups Milk

Protein: 3 Servings
Fruit: 4 Servings
Veggies: 3 Servings
Dairy: 3 Servings
Calories: 1150

What do you think?

The Trafany Fruit Flush - Sunday Stats

8am -1 banana- 105
10 - cup of grapes - 110
12 - 1 apple - 72
2 - cup of cherries - 95
4 - skipped it
5 pm - I was so hungry for some real food and I felt dizzy and lightheaded (probably doesn't help that I gave a pint of blood that afternoon), so I skipped the lettuce and oil and ate leftover turkey spaghetti instead and then I had a tiny piece of chocolate cake. - 459

Total Calories - 841
Total Water - 60
Total Exercise - none

I think this 'detox" is really just a way to lose some quick weight, not as much as it is a cleansing thing. I haven't even been to the bathroom (I'm sure you wanted to know that), isn't that where the "cleansing" part comes in??? I am still doing it today. I brought nothing but fruit to work. I am going to eat real food for dinner though. That's my version of it, follow it during the day and eat a healthy meal of your choice for dinner. I think I may try that every weekend. Protein all day Saturday and a healthy high protein meal for dinner and then fruit all day Sunday and a healthy high protein meal for dinner. I'm doing this mainly for the weight loss not the detox part. I weighed this morning and was at 210.4, so I can say that it at least helps you lose some weight quickly. I just wonder if it will all come back when I go back to eating real food everyday. Hopefully if I stick to the less than 1200 a day it will stay off. I couldn't find the colon cleanse pills, I must have threw them away last time I cleaned out the medicine cabinet. I'm going to buy some more on payday and I will send you some.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I failed Miserably!

So I tried the first "protein" day. I did okay until about 2:00pm. I used a protein mix that Brian had at the house that he had bought awhile back. Let just say I had to "gag" it down in the first place then by 2:00pm when I tried to drink it again it LITERALLY made me sick. After that even the smell of it or the THOUGHT of it made me sick. It was horrible!!! It was something like one of these but it is fruit punch flavored. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. I wish I would have thought of the low-carb slim fast. So now I need to start again! I don't get paid again until Friday and don't have the money so let me know how your part goes - I look forward to seeing your stats for those days - and I will try the "Traci & Tiffany" version of the Fruit-Flush Detox. I would think it would still be pretty good. I just can't even imagine trying to "gag" down another one of those protein shakes!! I still haven't eaten too terribly bad but I have not necessarily eaten that great yet either. I think Baylee and I will get out for a walk this afternoon and the next couple of afternoons since I have done NO walking and have not drank hardley any water. Those are the two things I am going to focus on right now. I am still going to watch what I am eating but focus alot on exercise and water for the next couple of know make 'em a habit. I want this SO bad but thus far I have had a pretty hard time with it. I am still glad we have this makes me feel more accountable when I know I have to answer to Trafany. I guess it is not supposed to be easier is it! I know I can do this - I just need to get with it!

Congrats on the weight loss! If you keep it going you will be at your 1st mini-goal by the 15th!! I was doing okay until the holidays. As of last weigh in I am still 30lbs away from my first mini-goal. I am giving myself until May 15th to reach that first mini-goal. That is only between 1.5 and 2.0 lbs a week. I have to, have to, have to, HAVE to make myself do this! I do NOT want to spend another summer miserable. No I won't be at my goal weight by summer but if I could at least feel like I am working towards something that would be good! I am ready to throw out all thos 22/24 clothes and be in a 18/20. At that point I will really feel like I am achieving something! That will be awesome!

Yes send me some of that stuff and I have seen that audioblog thing on another site - pretty cool!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

This is sooooo cool!!!

this is an audio post - click to play

You've got to sign up for this...

This will also be great for when we start Jack's Legacy....if we ever do!!

this is an audio post - click to play

That is what I heard when I weighed this morning...

I just weighed in at 213.0 lbs. That's the lowest yet! I know today isn't weigh-in day but I had to weigh this morning because I am starting the detox today. That's the only way I will know if it works. I decided to go with a premixed protein drink. I did a little shopping last night and could only find one protein powder that meets his criteria. It was $39. I'm not spending that much on something that #1 I may not be able to tolerate and #2 I only need for one day....well at least for now. If this goes well, I may do it once a week for a month as he suggests. I didn't realize until I got home that the article says that each 1 oz of powder mix should have 24g of protein. You are supposed to have 6 ounces of MIX, not drink, every 2 hours. Well I only bought enough to have 8 0z of drink every 2 hours (5x total) and it's only 16g of protein for every 8 ounces I drink. I will only get 80 total grams of protein for the day, but after looking at what I have eaten this week, that is more than double what I currently get. So I am just sticking with my own version for today. I will follow to the book for the next two days though. I bought the Slim Fast Low Carb shakes. I will be drinking the equivalent of 4 cans. That's a total of 760 calories, 36 g of fat, 24g carbs minus the 16g of fiber will give me 8 "net carbs", and 80 g of protein. I want to go for 100 ounces of water.

I decided to skip the phentarmine, I just need to press through until 6 pm when I get real food. I should be able to do that without it. Oh yeah Uncle Tom decided to drop by last night, so that will probably make this a little harder, but I'm doing it anyway. No more excuses!!

Later that day.....

Ok, here is an update for Detox day 1. It's 4pm and I've had 3 of the slim fast. I feel really full. It's time for another and I don't really want to drink it. So tonight I'm supposed to have a 3-6 oz piece of lean chicken, fish or beef and 3-6 cups of raw vegetable salad with olive oil! I'm having salmon and steamed broccoli though. I just can't do 3 cups of lettuce with oil. Ok can't really isn't the word, I don't want to. How much different can 3 cups of stemaed broccoli with nothing on it be from raw veggies and oil? So maybe this first day isn't exactly by the books, but I still feel like it's a good first day to the detox. I think this day is mainly to get our body ready for the next 2 days of mostly fruit. I also have some Arbonne colon cleanse. I've taken once before and let's just say that yes I think it cleaned out some areas that had not been cleaned out in a while!! I'll skip the details!! Anyway, I'm going to take one of those before I go to bed too. If you want some, I will mail them to you. I have a huge bottle.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Not only do I have a B&B - we are both T’s! Just add that to the list of things in common!

Organic - I agree about the organic. It is very expensive but it is so much better for you! It is a shame that it is so expensive to eat healthy! No wonder so many people in America are Obese!!!

TBL - Watching the show last night I was really encouraged. Once again these are just people that are watching what they eat and exercising. If WHOLE families can do this it seems like I should be able to do it! It is amazing how much 40lbs makes a difference. Then that one mom that lost 78 - wow! The all looked great! I got my BL book yesterday but did not have time to read it yet. As soon as I do I will start posting info, etc. as I read it.

Discovery/ - I signed up for the Discovery but I never went in and researched. Yes before on our "other" tries to lose weight we did discuss fitday. I am glad you brought it up because I was trying to think of it because I remembered the little charts and stuff. I do really good when I can see how I am actually doing!

Detox Diet - I was going to send you the info out of the magazine I found but when I started looking it had a website. I went to that website and found out I could by the e-book for $5.00. I am going to get you the info ASAP. I only read the magazine version - I have not read the e-book yet. I plan on doing that tonight. My goal is to start day 1 of the fruit flush on Saturday. You want to do it to?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Well I tried the Discovery Health thing and I don't like it. You can't choose your foods for the meal planner, it gives you the option of several customized meals. Have you looked at it?? I decided to sign up for instead. It's free and you can track your food, activities, water, etc. I really like it. It even lets you do graphs so that you can see your progress. Some of the food I eat isn't listed but I just improvised. For instance the Ragu sauce wasn't on there, so I just used regular spaghetti sauce and adjusted the ounces until the calories equaled what I knew they should be. I figure once the calories are adjusted that the fat, carbs, etc probably end up being pretty close. Even though I am tracking calories, it's good to see the carb and protein intake also. The activity thing is similar to the one on You enter how much you drove, cooked, worked at a desk etc. It adds all of that up and compares it to what you ate to make sure you are burning more than you eat. It breaks it down to basal, lifestyle and activities. The basal is the resting, the lifestyle is based on your "lifestyle level" you put in your profile (ie: sedentary, active, etc) All of the activities you entered are in the activities category. You should check it out. Seems like it is one of the sites we talked about last time we were trying to lose.

Food Finds

Crystal Light Sugar Free Hard Candies - 25 calories, these are really good and 4 of them actually equals 1/2 of a fruit serving - they are at the bottom of the page
Pillsbury wheat roll - 90 calories, these are awesome, much more flavor than the regular dinner roll, the boys prefer them too

I made spaghetti using the new Organic Ragu and I used the Barilla Pasta Plus that has added fiber, protein and omega 3 (really good, taste just like regular pasta) and I used 93% fat free ground turkey. Yum!!

I like the idea of organic. The spaghetti sauce was sooo good. I assumed that it would be gross because it was healthier. It tasted pure..does that make sense? It was just like I had taken tomatoes from the vine and crushed them. I would love to switch to buying mostly organic products, but it's expense at the specialty stores.


Congrats on the 4lbs!! Love the picture!!

Yes please send it my way...I think I will try it. You are exactly right on the pregnancy thing. I want to eat healthy and still exercise. Last time I think I used being pregnant as an excuse to
be lazy and eat whatever.....and now look at me!!

I'm going to sign up for the discovery health thing today! BTW I found a new little snack..well the snack isn't new, but I didn't know that they had so few calories. Only 110 calories in the breadstick variety.

I found an off brand at Family Dollar and it only has 95 calories....every little calorie counts. It's just as yummy!

Weigh-In Wednesday: Tiffany

Well I weighed in this morning....255. Still not as low as I was on my first weigh-in; however, I am down 4 lbs from last weeks 259 and still less that the 262 that I started with way back in August.

I am going to sign up for that Discovery Health thing - great idea!

Any loss - 1.3lbs or not - is great! You go girl!

Well look at it this way even if you do have to start trying now you can still continue to try to lose weight. I mean considering the other problems you have had in the past you may or may not get pregnant on your first couple of tries!! Also, there are alot of workout tapes etc for pregnant mom's. It would also be good for the baby for you to eat healthier and at least walk so don't look at it as a bad thing if you have to start so soon - just stay on track no matter what! If you keep up the good eating and exercising habits through out the pregnancy and don't use the pregnancy as an excuse you will drop the weight SO fast after you have the baby!

I found this kind of "detox" in a magazine I saw at the store yesterday and I picked it up. The lady that told about it lost 9lbs in 3 days. Of course *results not typical*. Anyway, I am going to try it tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. On the 1st day it is alot of Protein shakes etc, 2nd and 3rd days it is alot of fruits. The article really explains it. I will scan it in and email it to you in the morning just in case you want to try it too. They say you can do the detox for 3 days and then regular diet for 4 days and then start over. They were saying you can do this up to 12 weeks or so and it really "cleanses" your body and gives your weight loss a boost!

Oh no!!

I just realized that I am 10 lbs and 10 days away from my first mini-goal. My deal with Bobby was that as long as I met my goal we could wait and try for baby number 2 in April, but if I didn't meet it then I would agree to go ahead and start trying. My whole excuse for not wanting to have another baby right now is that I want to lose some weight first. Well I have been saying that for a year now, so he said if I could prove to him that I was serious this time that we would wait until April. I better get my butt moving. I think if I can lose at least 5 more and be only 5 away from my goal that I can convince him that I am doing good.... I'll blame it on the holidays. I have got to be very good from this point forward. You better believe my butt will be on that treadmill tonight!

Weigh-In Wednesday: Traci

Only down 1.3 lbs and not back to where I was before Christmas, but at least I am down this week!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Surfin' the web!

I think I am going to sign up for this. It's completely free and offers a lot of features that most pay sites offer (meal plans, assessments, trackers, etc) It has some really neat stuff. Check it out. Wanna sign up?

Here are a few cool sites or articles that I have found: (have to pay for access to certian areas of the site)

Low Calorie Recipes

Some of my favorites in a low calorie version:

Potato Salad -

Meatloaf -

Orange Chicken -

Eggplant Parmesean -

Onion Rings -

Fettucine Alfredo -

Peanut butter cookies - (only 30 calories per cookie)

My mouth is watering just reading all of these.
I like the idea of commenting in a post unless we don't have anything to post. I think your DW (disneyworld) goal is definetly acheivable and I don't think 2 lbs a week is unreasonable. You can do it. By the way I think I have gained control again. I didn't take my meds today but I'm still doing ok.

Yikes! New "Five Month" Goal!

We have picked a couple of dates. We have decided that we will go to Disney World sometime between the last week in May to the first week in August. That means I have to get on it NOW because JUST IN CASE we decide to go the last week in May I would really really really like to lose at least 40 lbs by then. That would put me at 219 from my last weekend and at least down one size. That means I would have to lose on average 2lbs per week. I don't know how reasonable that is but I am really really going to try to get as close as I can in the next five months!


Yup - I went out with a HUGE bang in 2005. I ate and ate junk and tons of food I didn't need! THOUGH no looking at the past I am moving on! It is a new year! I feel like I have a fresh start and I am ready for it!! I am really really cutting back for the next couple of weeks. I probably will have low calories but I have GOT to train myself that bigger is not necessarily better. I am just going to have to eat very little to kind of "shrink" my stomach. I know it sounds dumb but the only time I ever really lost a good bit of weight this is how I started. I get very discouraged when I don't lose pretty quick in the first couple of weeks. I seem to do much much better when I have a little jump start. It gives me just the encouragement I need. It is a NEW YEAR! No excuses!! We can do it!!

Yikes that is alot of Calories at Shogun!! We have those type of places here and I love them. I guess if I do go there I will have to skimp out on eating the rest of the day!!

I am glad you shared those websites with me. I am trying my best to get into this. Calorie counting is one of the ONLY weightloss techniques I haven't tried! The thing is it is basically about just cutting back and exercising - which I should do anyway! I got an email saying my biggest loser book shipped. I should get it any day now...I will share with you when I do!

As far as the scale goes - I agree! No weighing EXCEPT on weigh-in day!

Also, UNLESS I don't have something to post I will probably comment to you in my post so that you don't have to look so many places since it is just us!! However, if I am not posting at the time I will leave you a comment under your post so it wouldn't hurt to occasionly check the site for my comments if you haven't received a post email from me!

Wake Up - It Is A New Year!!

So how many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? It was SO hard to wake up after all of the holiday celebrating!! I myself had a hard time!! My daughter doesn't go back to school until Thursday and I know she will be as ready as I am. It seems like when she is in school the whole house is on a better schedule...I know I am anyway.

We had a very quiet laid back weekend. On New Years we went out to dinner, shot fireworks and were in bed sometime afer 10:00pm. I for one did not see the New Year in! Sunday we hung around the house mostly and then went to my mother in laws to eat dinner and visit with my sister in law before she flew back to Orlando.

My husband and I both were off work Monday and we did not get out of our PJ's all day! We worked on painting my daughters room. It is the most "detailed" paint job I have ever done. We plan on working alot on the rest of the house this year. We have alot of decorating & painting to do inside, we need to finish our backyard fence, clean out the garage and in the spring start working on our flower beds. We are planning a summer trip to Disney World so we will be saving for that along with the fact that we will have to save because I plan to get a new"er" car around August or so. I have done really good. This year begins the 6th year I have gone without a car note. I haven't decided on what I want to get yet BUT all in good time!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!!