Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mommy Dilemma!!!

My Cousin Traci over at Mostly Precious Moments is having a Mommy dilemma!!! Go over and read her post and leave her some advice if you can! Thanks!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Weigh In Wednesday: Tiff

Well I went up a little since last week. Actually I had gone up 2.4 pounds but lost back down to this. We started working out (doing cardio and lifting weights) so I am being patient and giving it time!! I have noticed that my arms aren't "as" flabby and some of the fat already seems to be replaced by muscle! Slowly but surely! I am sticking with it!


My WFMW post will be short and sweet this week! I actually got this idea from a friend not too long ago and tried it out and it works! Here you go:

For a streak free cleaning for windows use newspaper instead of paper towels when you windex.

There you go - my short and sweet insight for today!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Traci over at Mostly Precious Moments started a new column called "On the Menu Monday". I think it is a great idea to get some great recipes!
The recipe I decided to do is one of my hubbies favorites. I actually got it from my mom because she cooked it at home when I was younger and in turn she got it from someone at church. So I don't know where it originated but it is delicious! It is great for parties or can be served with a side salad as a meal!
Sausage Loaf

1 lb sausage (I use mild but you can use hot)
1/2 cup onions, chopped
1/2 cup celery, chopped
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon sage
2 cups mild cheddar cheese, grated
1 loaf French bread

  1. Brown sausage.
  2. Add onions and celery and cook until tender.
  3. Drain.
  4. Mix egg, milk, pepper, and sage.
  5. Slice off top of bread lengthwise and remove insides. (It should leave a hollow loaf - do not discard "insides")
  6. Add bread "insides"to egg mixture and sausage mixture and mix well. (Depending on how much of a hurry I am in I sometimes take the "insides" of the loaf and put them in the food processor to make crumbs!)
  7. Put the bottom of the loaf on foil and add mixture topped with cheese.
  8. Put top on this and brush with butter.
  9. Wrap in foil and bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.
  10. Slice (easier with an electric knife!) and serve hot!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Children, Exercise & Coke In Schools

This morning on the radio I heard them talking about pepsi & coca cola signing an agreement to take all regular pepsi & coke out of the vending machines (leaving water, diet drinks, etc.). I am not sure if this is just in Mississippi or if it is nationwide. They had callers telling their opinion of this and most of them agreed with it. I, as a mom, agree with it for more than one reason. One of which is that childhood obesity is at a staggering high. Not to mention that the sugar in these (and other drinks) is horrible for your teeth! So I will say that I am very impressed with this. I think that they are following the trends that even McDonald's and Wendy's have begun following. They even offer you children a choice of milk & fruit cup instead of coke & fries. I think it is a great idea.

We began this week working out in our household! (Lord help me!) My daughter (who is 8) stays in the childcare center while we workout. Afterwards, as a family we all walk/job a short distance. I think it is a good time to start getting her used to the idea of exercise.

What do you think about the Pepsi/Coca Cola in schools?

Do your children "exercise" or do you have any tips that I could use to get my daughter to enjoy exercise more?

I would love to hear about them!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Weigh-In Wednesday: Tiff

So when I first started this "journey" in the fall of 2005 I was 262. When we started this blog I was 258. So counting from the original of 262 my total weight loss as of today is: 18.4 pounds!

Actually, Sunday I weighed and it was 242 so it would have been 20 but I will take 18.4! I need to lose SO much more than that! One day at a time!

We started working out this week and I hope my Wednesday Weigh-In's from here on out will look great!

Shannon over at Rocks In My Dryer has started a new column called "Works-For-Me Wednesday". She has invited others to "play" along so you can go to her site and check out all the other great ideas. Also, there will be a link on the side bar called "Works-For-Me Wednesday" that will allow you to come back and look at the great ideas later in the week if you need too!

So my tip of the week is this: Travel Time Treats

Some may already know of this but if you don't this is a great way to keep kids entertained on a long trip. I take zip lock bags and put not only snacks for the trip but small toys, games, books all in their own bags. The trick is to buy small "travel" type games and toys (I am talking C.H.E.A.P. - like from the Everything's A Dollar Store) and keep them in a bag up front with you and not let the kids see them "at all" until it is time to pass them out. Then everytime they start to get fussy you pull out something "new". I have even done this with toys out of my daughter's room that she didn't know I brought. The reason it works so well is because if you give them everything all at once they get "bored". If you give them things "they don't even know you have" spread out through the trip they will play longer with each toy instead of the usual, "Are we there yet?" after five minutes. I am sure this works with kids of all ages but it really worked very well when my daughter was younger and just she and I would make long trips to visit family, etc.

Not much but that is what I have to offer this week!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Look Good While Getting In Shape

So I did my first work out last night and as usual I had "those" feelings. You know the ones - everyone is looking at you like "rookie" or "what is she doing here", etc. The thing is I am SURE it is all in my mind and no one is paying the least bit of attention to me. I came across this article at IVillage called Look Good While Getting In Shape. I enjoyed it and I thought I would share with those who may decide to venture out to a "public" gym! We can do it!

I Need My Space People!!!

I am a touch feely person. I hug just about everyone. I don't usually get bothered by people "invading" my space. However there are two instances that really bother me: #1 Please don't talk TWO inches from my face. Why does anyone need to be that close? I mean really? #2 Please don't stand two inches from me while I am waiting in line. Last night #2 happened. I was waiting in line at the store with TWO things in my hand. There was a lady behind me who stood at the front right hand side of her buggy - she was standing DIRECTLY behind me - I could feel her breathing on my neck. THEN she pushed her buggy up so far it is LITERALLY pressed against my leg! What was that about? I was keeping my composure but I tell you what this really pushed my buttons! Okay. Feel. Better. Now. Just. Had. To. Vent. Now on to more important things...

On my side bar (right above my pictures) I will add a list called "Columns I Join" and so far I will have a link up to Works-For-Me Wednesday (Hosted by Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer) and On The Menu Monday (Hosted by Traci @ Mostly Precious Moments). The most current one will be linked every week until the new one comes out - hence I will change the Wednesday one on Wednesdays and the Monday one on Mondays. Each of the "host" will have a links to others that are participating under their post. I encourage you all to participate! It is awesome!

So I will leave you with something I received in an email this morning:

When I Whine
Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair
I looked at her and sighed and wished I was as fair.
When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and used a crutch
But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine
I have 2 legs, the world is mine.
I stopped to buy some candy
The lad who sold it had such charm
I talked with him a while, he seemed so very glad
If I were late, it'd do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me,
"I thank you, you've been so kind.
It's nice to talk with folks like you.
You see," he said, "I'm blind."
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 eyes, the world is mine.
Later while walking down the street,
I saw a child with eyes of blue
He stood and watched the others play
He did not know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said,
"Why don't you join the others, dear?"
He looked ahead without a word.
And then I knew, he couldn't hear.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 ears, the world is mine.
With feet to take me where I'd go.
With eyes to see the sunset's glow.
With ears to hear what I would know.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I've been blessed indeed, The world is mine.
Sorrow looks back,
Worry looks around,
Faith looks up.

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Beginnings

Today is day one for me also on the "new plan". So far so good. I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Don't look back, it's a new day and a new beginning for us both!

It begins...Again!!!

Well this is my "new" first day! Ha! I ate breakfast this morning, I am drinking water and I brought my lunch. I have my first work out at the gym tonight and I have looked forward to it all weekend!! Hopefully I don't kill over and I will be able to post some about it this week!!

Finally Admitted It!

We were at my mom's house and my hubby walked across the living room and plopped down in the chair with a *groan*.

I said, "Are you getting old?"

He said, "No just lazy.

My 8 year old daughter said without even looking up from her book so "matter of factly", "Well at least you finally admitted it."

I am telling you kids are something else! Where do they come up with these things!

She had us cracking up! All in all we had a pretty good weekend - kinda had some life changing things happen BUT that is another post in itself! Happy Monday to you all!