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Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello Friday...Nice to See Ya!

One of the pretty ladies I follow, Aubrey Leigh, has a link on her blog called Fitness Friday. I decided that in my NEED to get back with it, I would type up a little something during my lunch break about how my week has been. This will be a nice accountability tool for me to use! I will report the good, bad & just plain ugly (Like the Whataburger Jr. I had for lunch today!)

So as far as the "fitness" part of this post...well mine had been completely lacking this week! In two different occasions I did walk from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, down & back up, during a work break. I also have been using the stairs every time I come & go. (We are on the fourth floor.) I plan on being able to report back to you all next week about how much better I did! :) 

Meal wise, I brought healthy snacks to work all week, I didn't eat out all week (Except lunch today...gulp). We also cooked at home each night. It helped that I spent several hours last week looking up healthy recipes & bought ingredients for all of those. It made it easier for my husband & myself to just grab things out of the fridge & prepare dinner. Does anyone else get stuck in a cooking rut?

Up Next (Here for link up below):

I thought I would join in one more link up. It is the Friday 5!

So my Friday 5 list for my weekend plans are:

1. Work: I work part time at a local ICU so I will be spending my day there tomorrow! :)

2. Dinner Date: I am excited that we are going over to have dinner with friends tonight! We are going to a friend of mines from work house for dinner. She has the pretties little boys (Yes I know boys aren't supposed to be pretty but they are!) Her hubby & mine haven't met but they have a lot in common so I am excited about the two of them getting together. 

3. Church: We are still looking to find a home church here. Brian has to work but Baylee & I will at least get out & explore!

4. Homework: I have three weeks left in my first semester of BSN program so that is what I will be working on!

5. Cleaning up my act: I need to get my exercise, healthy eating & household cleaning under control! 

So that is all...have a great weekend!

Later babes.