Monday, April 30, 2007

A Quick Vent From The Church Member In Me

I just have to vent mom was planning on joining the Church I attend. She won't tell me who but when she mentioned it to another member of the Church apparantely the member had a bad attitude about it. The Church itself is an AWESOME Church and I can only imagine that this particular member whomever she may be must have something against my mom or the devil was working through her. I have noticed something about Churchs though...especially small ones...all to often you do have that group of people that don't want change. You also have the ones that would rather complain about something than do something positive about it. What really got me is now my parents and brother - whom I was really looking forward to joining our Church - have now decided because of what one person said to them not to join the Church. I know not everyone is a Church goer and not everyone can relate but just imagine this was a really important club or organization that you were in and the whole point was to bring people together and do all of the positive things...wouldn't it be wrong for a member of "said organization" to go completely agains what the whole organization is about??


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stop This Ride...I want OOOOFFFF!!!

This morning I compared my life to being locked in the back seat of a car and someone throwing a brick on the gas pedal...and off I go! It seems it has been this way for months. As I said in my previous post my husband's grandfather passed away about 7 weeks ago...Monday night his grandmother passed away. I am torn in my feelings about this. I just keep thinking she is in such a better place but yet I know how much she will be missed here. The only thing that gives me reassurance is she told us last Sunday, "I am in a win/win situation. Either the cancer will be healed or I will be going to heaven to be with Granddaddy."

I am ready for things in my life to start slowing down...and I know it will. I know God never gives us more than we can handle and I am just trying to hold my head high!

We all have our hard times and I know that we will all make it through!

Friday, April 20, 2007


I have been feeling kind of bad lately...migranes, dizziness, etc. I decided to break down and go to the doctor and check this out. In the process of doing this he told me I have Thyroid problems. His nurse was telling me that after my medicine gets in my system that it really may help my weight loss right along! So here I am again saying I am ONCE AGAIN going to try to lose weight! I figure that maybe JUST MAYBE if I can attempt to eat right, drink water and exercise along with taking my new meds that I will able FINALLY to shed some of this weight! I will keep you updated!!

Life Happens

I know I always come back and PROMISE I will be up and blogging again. I decided this promises! We have been busy and well...times have been hard but things will eventually slow down...I suppose anyway. My cuz and one of my best friends Traci and a friend of mine that recently started a blog Holly...made me want to get back into blogging again. I had started using "My Space" last year...but not really doing alot of blogging. That took up alot of my time but I am kind of over it. I will keep up with alot of people there and check in occasionally but not as often as I had before. All in all ... i miss my blogging time here. I miss my blog friends!!

I am again going to copy something from Traci...I am just going to list what all has happened to me since...well November. I can elaborate on more if you like and I am sure I will eventually but for now I am just playing catch up!

  • Thanksgiving - my whole family on my dad's side came to visit and all of us for the most part spent the whole week at my grandmothers. We decided to make this a new tradition. It was so nice...I saw people I haven't seen in years...most importantly my dad! It was so nice...we have a good relationship (in my opinion) it is like we can just pick up where we left off and there is not real akwardness...I was a daddy's girl for sure! :-)
  • Christmas - this was kind of a blur to me! We have so much family that it is hard to keep up!! WHEW! All in all it went very well!!
  • Baylee had her whole cheerleading team over to the house for a slumber party and they had a blast! Those girls crack me up!
  • I got rear-ended on the way to work...the next week my husband got rear-ended on the way to work!
  • My husbands grandfather (he was very close to him) got very sick after Christmas and on March 1st went to Heaven.
  • A few weeks after this my husband's brother was in a 4-wheeler accident and remains in the hospital today. He is much better than he was but it will take lots of therapy to get back to normal.
  • My husbands grandmother (that was married to the grandfather that passed away) is now in the hospital fighting cancer.
  • I learned how to say "no more" and walk away.
  • I learned that I am stronger than I thought I was.
  • I learned you can be nice to someone without them taking away your sense of self worth.
  • My washing machine broke.
  • My fuel pump went out but now it is fixed! Yeah!
  • I am coaching Baylee's softball team and loving it!
  • She decided she hates gymnastics and never wants to go back...fine by me.
  • Side note to above...I usually don't let her quit things but I didn't feel she was learning anything especially considering what we were she really did cry everytime I took her because she hated it...even though she misses her friends that go there.
  • I am on the planning committe for my 10 year reunion - I am so excited to see everyone!!
  • This is the sad hubby and my best friends hubby will both be deployed this year. We don't know exactly when they will leave but sometime between now and the end of summer...keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!!

So that is all for now...well I am sure there is more but that is all I have time for anyway. I will try to keep update more...but no promises!! Talk to you soon!!