Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No News Is Good News

I haven't blogged in awhile but there is still that part of me that likes to hold on to this blog as my online journal even if no one reads it. I could advertise more especially to family & friends but it really isn't about the audience to me as much as it is about just the knowing I can come here to say what is on my mind!

For now, no new "news". I am finishing up my third semester of nursing school, Baylee finishing up middle school and Brian has a few months before he is 100% done with paramedic school! Things have been stressful but thankfully we are going on a cruise in less than three weeks. We didn't really need to spend the money but boy oh boy do we need a break!

Well back to studying! I have my last chapter test tomorrow and my final next week! I will try to do a post about my third semester journey...after I see that final grade! :)


Continuance - the act or instance of continuance.

I almost titled this post "starting over" but I decided that doesn't accurately reflect where I am in this journey. I have strayed away for a few months now but today I am "continuing" where I left off. Yes, I have gained a few of the lost pounds back but not all so I will continue to lose weight! Yes, I slipped off the wagon but now I will continue with the same focused mindset that I had before!

Let's do this!!!!!!