Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vacation Game Plan!

The hubby and I have never had a honeymoon so (after almost 12 years of marriage!) we are going on a cruise next week! I am so excited! These next few days I am going to try to do better on my diet....drink tons of water mainly because I feel so swollen! I know that there will be tons of food on the cruise but other than just the usual walking/swimming we will be doing all day everyday I also plan to:

  1. Drink diet drinks and not the real stuff
  2. Drink un-sweet tea
  3. DEPENDING on how the water is I will try to have a few glasses a day
  4. Walk a minimum of 1 mile for "exercise" each day (in addition to the walking we will be doing)
  5. I am going to try to login to my fitness pal at least two times while I am gone. :)
Here we goooooo......

Don't Change What Works!

It has been so long since I have posted here. I didn't realize I would miss it. I started using my fitness pal which has been great but I feel like I need to write things out here as well! It is like I felt more accountable to put it here on a public journal. So here I am...making no promises as to how often but I am to catch you up!

A few weeks ago my family came in from Arkansas. My cousin Traci and I (You can see some of her older posts on the sidebar) again talked about our journey of losing weight. For the first time in a long time we were able to spend some alone time to talk this out ... this weight loss thing ... and I did...and still do...feel more motivated. I STILL want it. It is constantly in the back of my mind. It is important to both of us and I know it will take some time but as long as week keep working towards the goal I KNOW we will get there!

These past few weeks I haven't done as good as usual but I realized there were several key things I wasn't doing that I did before when I had success. Here they are:

  • I have not been getting my water in! I think this has been the number one key thing!
  • I have not been journaling regularly. I have been documenting on my fitness pal each day which is great but I need to journal a few times a week here as well...accountability!
  • Exercise...I wasn't doing anything but walking...and getting my house cleaner than usual because I was more active but since I have been out of school I have been some kind of lazy! :/ Brian says I just bottomed out and I guess that is okay, too. So back to more moving around!
  • Diet Drinks - I had done so good about them but here lately I haven't done good at all! I just kind of drink what I want but gotta get back at not drinking the "real" stuff and make diet drinks be the new"real" stuff. I have to remind myself if I am thirsty enough I will drink what is there.
  • The last thing I have done is just not saying "no". For instance, if someone asks me to go out to eat with them I feel obligated. The scale nor the wallet can handle that kind of pressure! Gotta get with it! we go...back to those things and a reminder to Don't Change What Works!!!!