Monday, July 26, 2010

Nursing School: Update

California Girl! :o)

Okay...well not really a Cali girl but what I pretended to be for a week! :o) While Brian was out training in San Diego I got the opportunity to go out and visit him. We had a blast! We saw Old Town San Diego, Pt Loma, La Jolla, SEALS! on the beach!, beautiful sunsets, USS Midway, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, Sea World, etc. We even made a road trip to L.A. It was soo much fun! We got to touch and see all the handprints in the concrete in front of the Chinese Theatre. We also got to walk down and look at all the "stars" on the sidewalk. It was really awesome! When we were getting ready to leave Hollywood we saw them setting up for the Salt premier. It was awesome to thing in just a matter of hours so many famous people would be walking down that carpet! Once we left there we went to RODEO DRIVE! It was amazing to see all the famous stores. My favorite part was to see the Beverly Wilshire! It is where Pretty Woman was filmed. I am a HUGE Julia Roberts fan. I even went in and used the facilities. LOL I can't wait to go back again!

All in all it was a great trip! It was hard to leave my hubby knowing that in just a few days after I left that he was heading overseas but it is an experience we were both so glad to have shared together! I love him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nursing School: Acceptance

Nursing School...Acceptance?

Well.....BIG NEWS! I have been super stressed about the fact that I wasn't going to be able to start anytime soon. I even "stooped" to the level of going to a not so popular college and taking a class I really didn't want to take. I leave from my meeting at said school and get home...check the mail....ANNNNNNDDDDD.....I get a letter from the school! They said that I am an alternate for the fall semester. Which means that if someone doesn't show or drops out...I get their spot! ALSO, it guarantees me 100% a spot in the Spring Semester NO MATTER WHAT! So it is official....if not sooner...I will at least be a nursing student in the Spring!!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Residual Act...bleh!

Yup I took mine today. Not looking forward to the results. I am willing to bet they are probably lower than the first time I took it over 13 years ago! We shall see how it goes! I really hope it helps my chances of getting into Nursing School for the Spring! :o)

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Oh Lindsey!

*Sigh* Even though she tends to be a little wild I have always liked Lindsey Lohan as an actress. Today she goes to Court and is upset to know that she is sentenced to 90 days in jail. I just don't get it. She has it all fame, fortune, beauty, and she just can't seem to get it together. She says in court that she learned her lesson but shouldn't she have learned it after the first time? I don't know. I just don't get it. I guess all the above mentioned (fame, fortune, etc.) really just isn't enough. I am not sure what it is about these talented actresses and actors. I don't know if it is the lack of "real" friends in their lives or just the stress of fame that causes them to make such poor decisions. Either that or maybe they thing they are invincible. I really hope after this she really does straighten her life out.

Old Blogs!

Well I have part of my ever growing "to do" list...I am going to go back to my "old blog" and insert my "old post" into this blog (in date order). I don't really know why. Other than the fact to have a complete "blog" of all things I have posted since I began blogging many many years ago! I really wish I could get back into like I once was. I loved it. Still do but it is hard to keep it going in this world of social networking sites such as My Space or Facebook. Either way, like I have always said this is just more for my purposes and my way to "journal" my thoughts. :o)