Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jingle, Jangle, Smack, Clip, Clip...

I SERIOUSLY have a problem with noises. (I blame this COMPLETELY on my mother - she knows it!) I work in what one would call a glorified cubicle. True it does have walls...but they don't go all the way to the ceiling. As you can see from this picture - there is about 3 feet from the top of my wall to the ceiling. (To the right you can see my door and in the middle is the picture above my bookcase.)

Well I tell you that you can HEAR EVERYTHING in my office. Jingling of peoples bracelets, smacking, typing, etc. One thing that has driving me NUTS these past few months is the sweet old man in the office right beside me. I believe he is in his last 70's and he constantly talks on speaker phone. (Crazy, right?) Well he just isn't used to being in our "glorified cubicles". His office (and several others) had mold in them and he is working in the empty one next to mine until his office is finished. As if speaker phone (and other noises of the office!) weren't bad enough what really gets me is "clip, clip" "Clip, clip clip" "CLIP CLIP CLIP"...can you guess? Clip clip is the sound of fingernail clipping. Can we say gag? Every time I hear it all I can pictures is this sweet little man in their clipping his old man fingernails and little bits flying everywhere! Man his nails must grow fast b/c he does this all the time! LOL...well at least it isn't his toenails...I HOPE!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Here We Go Again...

I had a dream about getting a positive pregnancy test last night. When I woke up this morning I thought what the heck...and I took a test. Instantly, I saw only 1 line. I went and did a few things for Baylee and got her going for the day. I came back and I saw the faintest of a 2nd line. I mean FAINT as in my mom would probably have to put on her readers to see it. It was definitely there though. If you have read my blog you will know that we have tried for years to have another baby. Then in June I found out I was pregnant and then had a miscarriage. I was only around 5 weeks. Either way, it was still very sad. Not a lot of people knew but it hurt just the same. It was very hard to tell my husband. I have decided this time instead of saying ANYTHING I am going to wait a few more days - probably until Sunday - and test again. Who knows, maybe the "faint" line is an evaporation line or just a fluke. I just can't go through all the heartache again. So I am going to pray it is for real BUT I will really try hard to not get my hopes up. I kind of feel bad writing this here but I have to get it off my chest. Plus, anyone reading this that knows my husband knows he is more of "tell me when you know for sure" type person. (Especially after the m/c.).

**UPDATE** It was negative when I retested. :(