Monday, November 05, 2007

Long time... no post!!

Ok, so I haven’t posted in quite sometime… well that’s because I haven’t exactly been watching what I eat or working out as much….BUT I haven’t gained a pound, so I’m happy about that. I’m still sitting at 199. I haven’t gone crazy with the eating, but I’ve had a few cookies here, some fries there, a slice of apple pie over here… you get it. I’ve only been walking a couple of times a week rather than my usual 6 nights a week. I have been staying busy though and very active with Brayden. We played basketball and football for almost 3 hours yesterday…that was definetly a workout. So anyway, I’m here today to pledge to get back on the counting calorie program and the exercise program until Thanksgiving Day… after that it’s back on until the trip to MS for Christmas. I would like to lose 6 by the 22nd and another 8 on top of that for a total of 14 more by the MS trip. That will put me at 185lbs… the lowest I have been since high school. Definetly doable if I can just stay on task.