Tuesday, December 09, 2014

What matters more than the number on the scale?

The difference between the photo on the left and the photo on the right is 10 months and 63 pounds. I was no where near my goal in the photo on the right but I felt so much better. It was hard getting to that point. Everyone asked how I did it and the honest answer was diet and exercise. This was the truth and still is; however, what people don't know is that the first 30 of the 63 pounds was brought along by personal stresses in my life at the time & quite honestly not eating like I should. The last 33 pounds that I lost were definitely by eating right and exercise.

Right after the second photo was taken, the holiday season hit! All my stresses from the beginning of my weight loss journey had resolved but now we were under different stresses. We were beginning the journey of moving two states away. The stress of the move, leaving our families and starting in a new place where we knew no one was huge. I stopped going to the gym and pretty much ate what I wanted when I wanted. It is now December of 2014, one year and two months after the photo on the right was taken, and I am now 30 pounds heavier than I was in that photo. Granted, I am not the 63 pounds heavier...like the first photo.

I have tried over and over to get back on the wagon. I have had so much trouble! I have had no energy for exercising, no willpower to turn down food and my cravings have been all over the road! Then something happened...something that even I was skeptical about...this was it....in this photo...do you see it?

There, on the left? Do you see it yet? The ruddy appearance, swollen look, tired eyes. More than that, do you see what is on the photo on the right? Still round but not as swollen looking, the glow, the bright eyes, the energy? These two photos were taken SEVEN days apart, same lighting, same location, same make-up.

What you see in the photo on the right is more than just the girl with polycystic ovary syndrome with out of whack blood chemistry...its a girl who has been able to help regulate what is going on inside of body! What you see is more than a girl who has had more energy than she has had in a very long time...that girl worked 6 out of the last 7 days and spent her one day off Christmas shopping! What you see is more than just the 7.4 pound weight loss on the scale in just ONE week...you see the happiness of someone who finally was about have her appetite suppressed just enough not to want to starve herself but to be just hungry enough to make the HEALTHY choices without a moment of hesitation. The one that was also able to completely eliminate her NIGHTLY sweet snack!

You are probably wondering how I did this and I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't share that information with you. What I must tell you is that a miracle pill DID NOT make me lose 7.4 pounds in one week....regulating my diet did. I know from my experience no matter what you do, you have to decide to make the right choices for yourself. What I can tell you is that taking 2 pills, 2 times a day for the past seven days gave me the willpower to make the RIGHT choice and the ENERGY to get done the things I needed to get done. In turn, what you see in that photo on the right is the happiness of knowing that I have a new co-pilot with TruVision Health to help me stay on track to have a happier and healthier life for both myself and my family.

Do you want to try it for yourself? Email me and let me know that you are ready to have TruChange for Life! You are ready to try this out for 7 days yourself. I promise you, you won't regret it! Contact me via tiffany.ivey.garrett@gmail.com or (210)913-2291. Also, find me on facebook at TruChange for Life. Just send me your email address and for just $20 you can get started with your 7 day sample pack and begin your TruChange for Life.

Monday, December 08, 2014

'tis the Season!

I love, love, love this time of year! Anyone that knows me, knows this fact. I love the Christmas season! I hear so many people complain about the fact that people celebrate Christmas earlier & earlier each year. I do agree that those who (like me!) love Christmas should not cram it down other peoples throats but at the same time, what does it hurt to celebrate more often. Let's face it, people seem happier during the holidays for many reasons. If having a tree up & decorations in your house make you happy...why not do it? I understand that the holidays are not always a happy time for everyone. They may bring along bad memories or stress. There are definitely two teams when it comes to Christmas....either....lets start decorating after Halloween or don't even wear a red shirt until after Thanksgiving. When it comes down to it, we should all show joy and celebrate the real reason for the season all year long...Jesus is the reason for the season. So to you all, I say MERRY CHRISTMAS - not - Happy Holidays. Be blessed!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Ramblings of an Exhausted Mom...

This past week or so I have not slept well, at all. It is odd for me to have difficulty sleeping because short of a few times of major stress in my life, I have never had trouble falling asleep. My daughter, unfortunately, gets that from me. She is SO hard to wake up in the mornings! The advantage to that is that, even though she is now 16, she slept like a champ when she was little. While other parents complained about being up all night with their kiddos, this mom was kicked back enjoying the good life; however, the tables sure have turned on me & things have backfired now that I have a teenager! I am getting off track here. Where was I? Oh, we were discussing my sleeping issues. I am not sure what it is. I do have a lot on my mind right now with the holidays coming up, attempting to pay off some bills, training at a new job and going to school.

To add to my sleeping issue I, in general, just have no energy these days. I know much of it is because I am out of shape right now. I so bad want to be back where I was physically just one year ago. I know it will happen. I will get there but it is so hard to stay focused right now! I think once Brian gets on board with going to the gym with me, it will make things easier. I am planning on going to the gym in the mornings (before I realize what hits me) after Thanksgiving. Okay, so it won't be the immediate Monday or maybe even Tuesday after Thanksgiving due to our long drive, but it will happen!

So...really, I guess that is all this rambling will be about. I am just tired. I want my energy. I miss it. Please send it home if you find it.

Later, friends.

Hamster Wheel!


Whew. Here we go...Again. I am constantly dieting it seems. Last year I worked hard and lost 63 pounds but pretty much since last October I have been slacking! I have gained some of my weight back but thank goodness not all OR the all I lost plus some that often happens. However, no matter how much of the weight I gained back, I feel miserable. I am tired. I hate the way I look in clothes. I am not motivated to do much lately. I am sleepy so often!

So here I go again. Back at it...Round #icantevenkeepup...it's tough. I want it bad but I also have to realize I am human & what has worked for others (or maybe even myself!) might not work for me this time!

So that being said, the only thing I am trying to do today...is being better than I was yesterday. 

Later, friends.

Thanksgiving Speed Dating

Gobble! Gobble! (Doesn’t it seem strange that we use gobble….the sound that a turkey makes…in order to talk about eating the turkey & all the fixins’!) Speaking of “fixins’” (I had to type it the country girl way!) I am ready for some good ol’ southern food! The food here is good but as my daddy has always told me since he has been away, no place is like home! We are ready to get back home for the holidays. We only have four days off total & basically two of those days include driving. So that leaves 2 ½-ish days to visit with at least 6 different families. We won’t get to spend a lot of time with any certain family but we at least plan to get a hug from everyone!

We won’t be able to come home for Christmas this year. We only have Christmas day off at my job & Brian works the Fri/Sat/Sun after Christmas. Bummer! Next year, we won’t be the low man on the totem pole so it will be a little easier to get off for the holidays. We will still probably come home either Thanksgiving or Christmas (not both) BUT we will be able to stay longer! There will probably be certain times/certain years we come that we dedicate to seeing one or two families at a time since we have so much family; however, at least every fall holiday season we will try to see everyone.

All that being said, in the event that we haven’t done so, we want to extend an open invitation to anyone that wants to come out & visit anytime! We have a small place for now BUT are more than happy to let you stay with us if you want a quick get-a-way and don’t need to splurge on the hotel. If you want to stay at a hotel, we can give you a wide variety of options that are within close range to our place! Never worry about if we have plans, etc. There is rarely anything we would be doing that you couldn’t join us in. Brian works every other weekend with this Fri/Sat/Sun being a work weekend. That gives you an idea of good times to come. We don’t mind if you come on a work weekend for him if it is your only weekend. He will still be able to have dinner with us at a bare minimum! The weekends we know we are 100% free at this time are December 5December 19January 2January 16 (I have a 3 day weekend this date) and January 30.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at some point! If it is later than January, just let us know a time that is good for you! Much love to all!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Today was a good day...

...admit it. You know you sang along with that blog title! So why was today a good day, you ask? Not really for any reason other than the fact that it is almost 2 pm and I have not once pigged out or taken the elevator. I have taken the stairs four times at work just today. Actually, in the past few weeks I have only taken the elevator twice (& we are on the fourth floor)!

I know all these things are so small but I decided that I am going to start counting all victories...even the small ones! Why not? Why do we only celebrate the bug things? Aren't the small ones just as important? Without all the small things we wouldn't have the big things. The small things are our foundation for success! 

So today...I celebrate the small things...today was a good day...and it isn't even over!

What will you celebrate today?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Saving Christmas

This past weekend, Baylee & I had a quick bite to eat & decided to go see a movie while Brian worked the night shift. Baylee & I are huge Christmas lovers (That is another post in itself)! When I saw the Saving Christmas movie featuring Kirk Cameron, I knew that it would be a good Christian film!

I will be honest & say it was kind of slow & more of a "made for TV" type of film. The purpose, however, was not lost on Baylee or myself! She & I both were very impressed with all of the information that was shared! The biggest point of the movie was about how to see the true meaning of Christmas in all the little things that people may think are not related to the true reason of Christmas at all. There will be those who will still say, "Well they are just trying too hard to relate everything at Christmas to Jesus." 

To those people I will say this, "Isn't that kind of the point of being a Christian?" Shouldn't we want all people to see Jesus in everything? I haven't done my own research regarding the information that was given but I have to be honest, I really like what was said in the movie. My thoughts are, whether right or wrong, is that you can almost make anything a pagan god. Some may see these Christmas items as pagan but if I see it to be a reminder of Jesus then what makes it so bad. Plus, the way I see it, there are reminders of Jesus everywhere, everyday. If I choose to use other things that remind me of him during the Christmas season, which Christian could blame me?

Later, friends.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello Friday...Nice to See Ya!

One of the pretty ladies I follow, Aubrey Leigh, has a link on her blog called Fitness Friday. I decided that in my NEED to get back with it, I would type up a little something during my lunch break about how my week has been. This will be a nice accountability tool for me to use! I will report the good, bad & just plain ugly (Like the Whataburger Jr. I had for lunch today!)

So as far as the "fitness" part of this post...well mine had been completely lacking this week! In two different occasions I did walk from the 1st floor to the 5th floor, down & back up, during a work break. I also have been using the stairs every time I come & go. (We are on the fourth floor.) I plan on being able to report back to you all next week about how much better I did! :) 

Meal wise, I brought healthy snacks to work all week, I didn't eat out all week (Except lunch today...gulp). We also cooked at home each night. It helped that I spent several hours last week looking up healthy recipes & bought ingredients for all of those. It made it easier for my husband & myself to just grab things out of the fridge & prepare dinner. Does anyone else get stuck in a cooking rut?

Up Next (Here for link up below):

I thought I would join in one more link up. It is the Friday 5!

So my Friday 5 list for my weekend plans are:

1. Work: I work part time at a local ICU so I will be spending my day there tomorrow! :)

2. Dinner Date: I am excited that we are going over to have dinner with friends tonight! We are going to a friend of mines from work house for dinner. She has the pretties little boys (Yes I know boys aren't supposed to be pretty but they are!) Her hubby & mine haven't met but they have a lot in common so I am excited about the two of them getting together. 

3. Church: We are still looking to find a home church here. Brian has to work but Baylee & I will at least get out & explore!

4. Homework: I have three weeks left in my first semester of BSN program so that is what I will be working on!

5. Cleaning up my act: I need to get my exercise, healthy eating & household cleaning under control! 

So that is all...have a great weekend!

Later babes. 

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Where He leads...I shall go.

So often, God speaks to us but we don't always listen as we should. We even "give" things to Him but in reality we still have a grip on it. Sure that grip may not be what it was before we "gave" it to Him but we have not fully released it to him. There are other times where he is tugging at our hearts to do something but we often ignore Him. We don't want to "give Him what he wants. We are like that, us humans. We often want what our hearts desire and we don't pay attention to what He desires for us. I have learned these lessons with our move out to good ol' San Antone. I love the city, love Texas and love the friends I have made. The ones I have made here can tell the ones back in Mississippi that I speak of you and the great state often. I do miss it. I miss my family. I miss the trees, grass, water and the southern charm.

Even with all the things I miss I KNOW God has a plan for me being here. I don't know if it is for myself, Baylee or Brian. It could even be for the people that we left behind in Mississippi as to why God brought us here. All I can tell you is he has a plan. I just have to keep reminding myself of this. When I started out here I was called to work at a particular hospital. I met some wonderful people there that I am lucky to call friends! At the same time, there was a tugging in my heart. In the course of just a few days, Baylee mentioned the hours we were working and an opportunity arose for me to apply for a different job. I wasn't looking to go anywhere else but I felt another tug. One that I recognized to be from God. I then chose to pray about it. The short of the story is I applied and received an offer for a new job. I did ultimately choose to take the new job. I do plan to stay along at the hospital job as long as they will let me PRN but I am very pleased with my new career path. I see doors opening for me that I wasn't even aware were available!

What is God telling you to do? Are you listening? Will you obey?

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Don't Forget Where You Are From

As I type this, I am on a plane headed back to San Antonio. I was telling Brian yesterday that although I will miss my family & friends in MS that I was actually ready to get back home to Texas. In the short month that I have lived there, it has already began to fill like home. It probably adds to it that our "home" in MS has no furniture & none of the comforts that we are used to in a home since everything has been moved to Texas. I think wanting to be in a regular routine is some of me wanting to get back out to Texas. I am just ready for my family to be there with me! I miss them TERRIBLY at night & on days I am off work!

Next weekend, I will drive back to my MS home for the last time for awhile. That brings me to the point of this blog post. Texas has so many great things to offer & my family & I are excited for the new adventure; however, we will never be that family that moves away & bashes our home state. Mississippi has many great qualities. I, for one, will miss my drive home across the causeway & though I haven't experienced many sunrises, I have seen many beautiful sunsets from the causeway looking out toward Ridgeland. The contrast of Mississippi's green grass & trees against a beautiful summer blue sky is hard to beat...you just have to take the time to look at it & remember God gave us such beautiful things & to be grateful! Even in such a small place (in comparison to much larger cities) we can forget to appreciate the small things because we are ao busy in the hustle & bustle of life! Being a southern girl, I am very fond of the politeness of most children in MS & their use of "ma'am" and "sir". I love that many people are courteous enough to hold open the door. I love our good southern food & had to laugh when someone in Texas asked if we have catfish in MS! I especially love my family & friends & all the memories I have made in MS!

Our family is off & away on a new adventure! We will make new memories & call new places home & who knows we may be back to MS one day...or to another state BUT no matter where life takes us...we won't forget where we came from & the place that made us who we are.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Catch Me If You Can!

...am I in Texas or Mississippi? Your guess is as good as mine! :) The last few weeks have been a whirlwind but it has been enjoyable albeit tiring! I was in Texas a little over three weeks until I came home for a few days last weekend. I drove then so I could bring Ruger back to Mississippi and take a load of boxes out to San Antonio. I drove back to SA on Monday. It was a pretty trip. We have gone through Dallas and gone through Houston and they are both good rides. This past time I went through Houston &  for whatever reason it seemed like it was a little easier to stay awake than through Dallas. Either way is a good drive...even if it is 10 hours! I worked my last week with my preceptor Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. I flew in to Mississippi Friday morning and will leave back out on Tuesday. I will be in SA for about 10 days and then I will drive (Again!) back to Mississippi for my baby brothers graduation. That will be my last trip back to Mississippi for a while...possibly even until fall. Mainly because a lot of family/friends plan on coming out this summer and once Brian and Baylee get over there with me we have to get settled in & get her ready to start school in the fall.

Baylee is doing good. She has been helping her daddy work on the house and doing a good job. With all she had going on the past year we never let her get her permit but we finally got the things together and she will be able to get it here in Mississippi one day next week. The rules are a little bit different in Texas so there are a few things she will have to do there but she may not have to keep her permit the whole year before she gets her license (Of course, this also depends on how well she does with her permit!). The weekend of Hunter's graduation is Brians May drill so we will head down to Nola with him and then he and Baylee will go back to SA with me to take the rest of our things. Baylee will stay in SA with me (other than little visits to MS before school starts). Brian will come back to Mississippi to finish up the house and then the plan is for him to be in SA with us by the beginning of June. Baylee is excited about the pool, possibly getting a job this summer, all the things to do in SA and starting school in the fall. She will be going to a show choir camp here in MS the beginning of June and one in SA the end of June.

Brian has a telephone interview Monday with an ambulance company in SA. He has already spoken to the operations person there and really likes him and the company sounds good. Should he officially get offered the job, he is hoping to start the beginning of June so he can give his supervisor in MS a good 3-4 weeks notice because they have been shorthanded. His supervisor knew that we were moving when he accepted the position but Brian still wants to be courteous. He has worked really hard on the house but we have a lot left to do still. Maybe not as much as it seems but you know when you are the midst of it, it seems like a lot...especially when you are in a time frame. We were hoping to rent our house but we may put it on the market for a short while first and see how it goes. If it doesn't sell fairly quickly (Within a set time frame...we haven't decided how long yet...just have to look at our finances) then we will rent it. 

Out in San Antonio, things are going well. It is different living in an apartment when you are used to a house and extra space but the apartment is nice...even though it is small! At least, it doesn't take long to clean! :) My work is fabulous! I still have to get used to the equipment, processes and what the doctors like, etc. but I got it in MS so I know I will catch on in TX. I LOVE my coworkers...as well as my other friends I have met there in SA. They have done well to help me adjust and fill me in on all things Texas! I can't wait for my family to get over there so they can enjoy it as much as I do!

Well...guess that is enough rambling for now! I just wanted to do a little update to let everyone know we are doing good and how we stand on everything! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Friday, April 04, 2014

Choo! Choo! Chugging Along!

Hello from the Alamo City! :o) I hope life is treating everyone well...no matter which state or city you are reading this from! Things with the Garrett family are chugging along as smoothly as could be expected. Considering we are living in two different states and paying bills on two different houses...things could be so much worse but God is truly good! Just to give you some updates of what has been going on...

Brian & Baylee made it back home safely, of course! Brian had to head to work the next day after making it back to Mississippi so he was pretty exhausted. Thankfully, he got blessed with a not so busy day on this past work day and he said he FINALLY was starting to feel rested. His first day off, he and Baylee did SO much around the house. He has gotten her bedroom, bathroom, extra bedroom, living room, hall closet and dining room completely cleaned out. There are still some things in our bedroom/bathroom & a small amount of things in the laundry room cabinets & kitchen cabinets that we were not able to get to before we moved our other things over here. Everything else, he has gotten moved in to the garage. Some of it will come to the apartment but most of it will go into our garage here once we get it moved. We got rid of SO much and cleaned out SO much but we still have SO much! Anyone else know how this feels? He has also gotten a lot of the priming done around the house.

Baylee has been a huge help to Brian. She has painted & cleaned with him. She has stayed with Bebe once & will stay with Sally & Danny this Saturday
night. Brian & she will be doing something (I don't know what) I am sure for her birthday on Sunday...I can't beleive she will be 16!!! Next weekend, his drill weekend, she will be at my moms house IF my mom is feeling better. (She - my mom - is having horrible tooth pain...please say a prayer for her!) She "may" (we haven't decided yet) come over here with me the second week in May. Of course, she will be right back over there (Hattiesburg) for Show Choir camp in June. She will turn around & go to a Show Choir camp here in Texas in late June. Brandy & her family will be coming right at the end of that Show Choir camp so we will be out and about with them at least one of those days and we are very excited about that! Other than that, nothing real new going on other than possibly getting her permit soon. We waited for awhile for lots of reasons and actually are glad we did...but do watch out when she finally hits the road! :o)

I will be driving to Missisippi April 17th and returning back to Texas on April 21st. I, unfortunatley, won't be able to get out and visit with anyone. We still have a lot we need to do to the house so that we can put it in on the market and/or up for rent. Feel free to bring your garden tools for my flower bed, or pressure washer or a paint brush and come and visit. Ha! :o) Only joking...sorta! I will be back again for Hunter's graduation around May 9th but not sure how many days I will actually be in Mississippi. Baylee may come back with me to Texas then depending on how the house stands & if Brian goes to Chief's Academy for two weeks or not. I will be back again in June to go to Baylee's Show Choir program concert & to bring her back home but that will just be a brief trip & I possibly will only be in Hattiesburg for the day and heading back home afterwards but we again will see how it goes. I have two more days of orientation (Mon/Tues) and then I start working with patients on Wednesday. I am very excited about it and have already met a few people & found a great hair dresser! (She is no Kelly but what can ya do?)

I guess that is all for the Garrett family update! More to come!

Miss y'all lots!!!

Tiff & Dar Take On San Antonio!

I was so glad my mom was able to come and help me unpack! We got a lot done around the apartment & everything looks great! (Although, I did make her leave a few boxes for me to unpack to give me something to do while I am alone!) Baylee will love her room! I still have a few things to do here and there around the apartment but I am trying to hold off on spending too much until we get more done around our Mississippi house and get caught up from all of our moving expenses. 

While she was here, we hit a lot of the nicer strores in the area as well as some antique stores and thrift shops and had a BLAST! We were like two ladies on a mission! After all of our hard work we took about a day and a half just to relax. One of the things we did was a River Boat Tour at the Riverwalk downtown in a boat like the one pictured above (I haven't loaded my photos up yet! Photo used is courtesty of San Antonio's Visitors Bureau.) The cruise was nice, the weather was good and of course the company was fabulous. We also went to a church in downtown that beautiful named St. Joseph's. (I will do a seperate post on this one sometime!) We had some of the most delish seafood I have had in sometime sitting at a little table right on the river. It was peacful & very relaxing. Everyone that walked by gawked about how delicous our food looked (Seriously). We took some time to visit The Shops at La Cantera (This place is Beautiful!), had gellato and then went to the Palladium IMAX to watch a movie. On her last day here, we got up early and went to church and then had brunch before she flew back to Mississippi. It was a nice visit. I wish we could have done more but it was nice to show her around the city, have her help and have her company for a few fun things! I look forward to next time! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Home Sweet, New Home!

We made it!

It seems - surreal? - odd but nice? I am not sure the exact word to use here. We love it here and are very excited to be here, of course! The home we are moving out of in Mississippi was our "first home". It is the only home Baylee remembers. We loved it but strangely was not sad as I left, even knowing it was probably the last time I would "live" in that home. I am sure at some point it will hit me but it just hasn't yet. The only odd feeling is having our things in a different place.

We left out about 0600 yesterday morning an arrived about 1745 last night. Just in time to pick up our keys. I am very glad that we had planned ahead & gotten everything taking care of. It was interesting trying to get the uhaul trailer close enough to unload the things we had packed. God was good though, as usual, and no sooner than we had the door open on the uhaul a downstairs neighbor had her husband go get us a dolly. (Is this even how you spell it? I don't think I have ever had to write that before.) They said "hand truck"...or something like that. I dunno. You know I say odd things...as my husband says...like an 80 year old. Oh well, 80 year olds are cool. So there's that.

Next, a guy about our age walked out on his balcony with his daughter and offered help in which I declined. However, he put on his shoes and was downstairs helping before we knew it. They had just moved here from Jacksonville, FL a few weeks earlier with his wife's job. Brian promised him a grilled steak when he gets back to Texas...so yeah...excited about that. That man can grill a mean steak!

We have everything unloaded out of the uhaul and his truck. We took the uhaul back last night & had Del Taco for dinner (Think Taco Bell with less grease & fresher ingredients). Brian LOVES Del taco...that man. We parked my car, which is still full to the roof...quite literally...in our garage which happens to be huge & we are excited about that! We will have plenty of room for things to be stored there, as well as our bikes and Brian's things out of the garage at the house.

So today's game plan: 

•Clean the bathrooms (Yes, they look spotless but I am not chancing it!)
•Unload the Tahoe
•Pick up our things in storage 
•Go buy new mattresses for both rooms
•Map out my path to work & other important locations before Brian leaves Texas
•Continue to unpack

Tomorrow I have some HR things to do at the hospital & afterwards we might sight-see since Brian & Baylee leave Wednesday morning.

Wednesday my mom flies out here & she will help me finish unpacking & we will get everything decorated (Brian wants things to look nice but gets aggravated with the whole girl decorating process of move something 10 times before you find a spot for it which happens to be the first spot you picked anyway.) We got cash & gift cards as going away gifts so we will put them to good use in our new home!

Over the next month or two Brian & Baylee will continue to work on the house in MS & packing anything we left behind. We will have it up for rent hopefully soon!

I think I covered most everything now! I have more to say but this post is already way too long but I promise to check back in soon!

We are all doing great & we appreciate all the prayers, love & support our family, friends & coworkers have provided for us!

Until next time...love from the Garretts.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our New Family Member

How could you not love these two faces? These are my two favorite boys in my life right now! Ruger, our newest addition, fits right in. Brian bought him for me for Valentines Day. Yes, I know, *swoon*...sorry ladies ...he's mine! :) Last year my baby boy Storm passed away. I had missed him terribly and my sweet baby knew it so he brought another sweet boy into my life! So when you read about "the boys"...here they are & Ruger is now the baby around the Garrett house! He is already spoiled! I am not sure if they will miss me or him more while I am over in Texas the next few months!

Sunday, March 09, 2014

San Antonio Bound!

Hello Family! We can barely believe it but in just two short weeks we will be moving to San Antonio! This has been something we knew was on the horizon but now that it is finally here, it seems surreal.

Brian won't be transferring military units until the fall but we wanted to get there before then to get settled in, find a church family and get Baylee involved in the community before she starts school in the fall. I applied for four different jobs and God blessed me because I was offered all four. This allowed me to pick the one we felt was the best fit for our family. I will miss my current work family terribly & my new coworkers have big shoes to fill! I have no doubt they will be almost as great as my current coworkers!

Many people have asked us, " Why San Antonio?" I am not sure that is a question that is easily answered but I will make an attempt. After Brian's last deployment, we knew he wouldn't be at the Station in NOLA long. We also knew wherever he transferred to, we would want to live close to that area because long distance life is for the birds! Neither of us want to be away from each other too long. Brian has always liked Texas and wanted to live there. I am indifferent but knew Texas would accept my nursing license. That began the journey towards Texas. We ultimately decided on San Antonio. At the time, neither of us had even visited the area. We have since been twice and fell in love! I believe God has a season and place for everyone and right now ours is San Antonio. We are very excited about all the attractions, wildlife/natural areas and culture the city has to offer!

Baylee has had a tough few years at school and is very excited about hitting the reset button in Texas. We had decided as a family, due to several circumstances, that we want Baylee to restart tenth grade in Texas. By doing this, it provides her a more stable foundation as well as better opportunities for growth. God is really moving in this area for us.

Currently, our plan is to rent an apartment while renting out our home in Mississippi. Brian & Baylee will take me over to get the apartment settled and then they will come back and get the house ready before they ultimately move to San Antonio with me. Should we decide to stay in San Antonio, we have researched and talked to several home builders & will build a house in a neighborhood in the same community we will rent our apartment in. (West San Antonio area.)

We are in Nola for Brian's drill weekend. Time to pack up and get out of here! We will keep everyone update on us via this blog. If you are interested in being notified when new posts are added, add your email address to the mailing list on the top right corner of the blog. You will have to follow the instructions to make sure you are added properly. (You will probably have to check your junk email to finish the process.) Also, even if you don't blog, you can comment at the bottom of each of my blog posts. Should you have to use the anonymous feature, make sure to at least put your name at the bottom of the comment so I know who it was from and can answer you! Be on the lookout for more posts!

Love y'all!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Follow Through Friday (Yeah, Its Sunday.)

Okay so I know its Sunday...and hey...who knows...I might not even know what I am doing here BUT I came across the ladies on InstaGram who are holding each other accountable and a lot of other awesome ladies are linking up so I figured I would join so lets see if I am doing this right! :)


So basically, these ladies are giving a run down of their weekly plans for fitness from what I can tell...are giving you a run down of their previous week...so here we go. :)

This past week....errrr...ummmm....does packing & unpacking a car count as exercise? How about walking the dog up & down the stairs at our hotel? :) Okay for realzzz....I did okay this week exercise wise. When I wasn't at work I did go to the gym and pump out some weights and cardio a few days. Other than that can I admit here...I was l-aaa-zaaaayyy? Extra a's added for effect if ya didn't know.

Plans for this week?

Monday: #5amclub Hitting the gym for 45 minutes of cardio before work. #12hourshiftprobs
Tuesday: Repeat of Monday.
Wednesday: One hour of cardio; Thirty minutes circuit training/weights
Thursday: Repeat of Wednesday.
Friday: Repeat of Monday.

So there ya go...hold me accountable peeps.

Oh the bestie and I text updates and our weigh ins...which are on Thursdays each week. Scary stuff up in here folks.

My Journey to Fit! ~ Weight Loss ~

This really has been a journey...one that so many struggle with on a daily basis. Over eight years ago my cousin Traci and I started a blog (which I have now imported all the posts into this blog) to journal our weight loss journey. I went back today and read my very first post (found here). During the beginning of that journey my starting weight was 262 pounds! That was so scary to type! On & off for years she and I worked so hard to try to achieve weight loss and we definitely had our ups and downs. As I imported the old blog posts over to this blog I noticed something...I stopped posting my "starting weight" and instead I just posted the number of pounds I gained or loss. The truth of that is, during the time of trying to lose weight I actually GAINED weight...that folks...put me at my ALL TIME HIGH of 285 pounds! That's right people...I was gaining on that 300 pound mark! I don't even know how or why it happened but it did! I think some of it came from my frustration with my PCOS (which is another post in itself)!

This photo my friends was one of the starting photos from our weight loss blog. I was embarrassed enough about this one but last night I found two more on my computer that were way worse!

Who IS that girl anyway? Are any of you reading this looking at these photos and thinking...that could be me...that could be MY starting photo...could it? Well I am here to tell you...that might be what your starting photo looks like but that does NOT have to be the final photo. 

Starting last January (2013) I finally said enough is enough. Enough of using my PCOS as an excuse. Enough of just not trying. I had tried several times for a few weeks/months at a time but didn't see the progress and finally gave in to temptation again. I remember at some point coming across a blog on pinterest and coming across THIS post (go ahead...go read it...I will be here when you get back). Reading that post by Mama Laughlin was an awakening for me. I could have very easily typed every single word written there. I know EXACTLY how it feels to feel better just by hiding your "rolls", I know what it feels like to put on your "best" outfit and still know you are the biggest girl in the room, I know what it feels like to feel like you look your absolute best & put on the fake smile when you are miserable inside BECAUSE of the way you look on the outside. I KNOW how this feels. I STILL fill this way at times. 

I have come a long way in the past 12 months. I have lost 63 pounds...gained a few back...constantly struggle to stay on track or get BACK on track but the biggest thing I have learned the past year is that it CAN be done. IT CAN. There is no excuse big enough to not live a healthy life. I hope that through my blogging I can encourage someone else out there...DO NOT GIVE UP. 



:o) T!ff@ny