Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Almost 2009

I for one cannot believe it is 2009 already (Well in a few days anyway)!! Yup...it is that time again...New Years Resolutions!! I can't say right off the top of my head that I have any. I have a lot of things I have been wanting to try to do and have already started to do. Just the usual:

* Lose Weight (Duh!)
* Organize my home & office (Already started!)
* Start our weekly family game night again
* Be more focused at work
* Stay in contact with my family and friends better

Like I said...just the usual. I don't know...maybe it will work, maybe it won't but I am trying anyway!!!


Today Baylee left with her grandparents to go to Knoxville. I always dread her traveling so far away form me but I know she is in good hands. She will have a good time. She is going up to visit her great-grandfather and great-uncle. They are sweet and I wish I was going with her! :-) Though, I really don't have any time to take off of work. I enjoy that area of Tennessee so much. Brian and I went up and stayed in a cabin in the mountains with our very OWN indoor pool...right in the middle of the cabin. It was so nice and relaxing. A good time to relax, meditate, reflect, pray, etc.


Brian has been working on his "baby" in our garage. I am SO ready for him to get finished with this truck but I really think there is FINALLY a light at the end of the tunnel!! For a birthday gift his dad has helped purchase over half of the things that he needs to get it going. He really is almost done with it and I am SOOOO glad. This truck has been an eye sore for 6 years now! I love him and even though that truck is SO ugly to me right now (and will be for sometime) it is his baby! Well as long as he is happy....and we don't have a car note....well then I am happy!

More Later...

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