Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January Rears Its Ugly Head!

Hello everyone!! Well it is 2009 and Obama is president...whooda thunk it! Ha!!

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!! Ours was great. Very busy. We ended up celebrating 10 times. It seemed crazy in the midst of it but before we knew it all the celebrations were over...and it almost seemed too soon!!

The year started out pretty good for us so far...but I guess I should speak too is only the 7th! Baylee just got back from Knoxville. She had to get right back into school and a book project...already!! She has been a trooper about it all. Much better than I have. Getting back into the swing of things and a normal schedule at work has been pretty tough. I am hanging in there though!! As for Brian, the same as usual...hunting, working on this and that, working at Yamaha, Coast Guard and getting ready to take his EMT national registry test. He leaves next week to go to New Mexico for a week. Then he turns around in February and goes to the Coast for a week. Us girls are gonna miss him...but at least it is better than the 8 months he was away the year he went to Cuba!!

Well I guess that is all for now! Happy New Year Everyone!

Love to all!

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