Friday, April 04, 2014

Choo! Choo! Chugging Along!

Hello from the Alamo City! :o) I hope life is treating everyone matter which state or city you are reading this from! Things with the Garrett family are chugging along as smoothly as could be expected. Considering we are living in two different states and paying bills on two different houses...things could be so much worse but God is truly good! Just to give you some updates of what has been going on...

Brian & Baylee made it back home safely, of course! Brian had to head to work the next day after making it back to Mississippi so he was pretty exhausted. Thankfully, he got blessed with a not so busy day on this past work day and he said he FINALLY was starting to feel rested. His first day off, he and Baylee did SO much around the house. He has gotten her bedroom, bathroom, extra bedroom, living room, hall closet and dining room completely cleaned out. There are still some things in our bedroom/bathroom & a small amount of things in the laundry room cabinets & kitchen cabinets that we were not able to get to before we moved our other things over here. Everything else, he has gotten moved in to the garage. Some of it will come to the apartment but most of it will go into our garage here once we get it moved. We got rid of SO much and cleaned out SO much but we still have SO much! Anyone else know how this feels? He has also gotten a lot of the priming done around the house.

Baylee has been a huge help to Brian. She has painted & cleaned with him. She has stayed with Bebe once & will stay with Sally & Danny this Saturday
night. Brian & she will be doing something (I don't know what) I am sure for her birthday on Sunday...I can't beleive she will be 16!!! Next weekend, his drill weekend, she will be at my moms house IF my mom is feeling better. (She - my mom - is having horrible tooth pain...please say a prayer for her!) She "may" (we haven't decided yet) come over here with me the second week in May. Of course, she will be right back over there (Hattiesburg) for Show Choir camp in June. She will turn around & go to a Show Choir camp here in Texas in late June. Brandy & her family will be coming right at the end of that Show Choir camp so we will be out and about with them at least one of those days and we are very excited about that! Other than that, nothing real new going on other than possibly getting her permit soon. We waited for awhile for lots of reasons and actually are glad we did...but do watch out when she finally hits the road! :o)

I will be driving to Missisippi April 17th and returning back to Texas on April 21st. I, unfortunatley, won't be able to get out and visit with anyone. We still have a lot we need to do to the house so that we can put it in on the market and/or up for rent. Feel free to bring your garden tools for my flower bed, or pressure washer or a paint brush and come and visit. Ha! :o) Only joking...sorta! I will be back again for Hunter's graduation around May 9th but not sure how many days I will actually be in Mississippi. Baylee may come back with me to Texas then depending on how the house stands & if Brian goes to Chief's Academy for two weeks or not. I will be back again in June to go to Baylee's Show Choir program concert & to bring her back home but that will just be a brief trip & I possibly will only be in Hattiesburg for the day and heading back home afterwards but we again will see how it goes. I have two more days of orientation (Mon/Tues) and then I start working with patients on Wednesday. I am very excited about it and have already met a few people & found a great hair dresser! (She is no Kelly but what can ya do?)

I guess that is all for the Garrett family update! More to come!

Miss y'all lots!!!

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