Monday, April 30, 2007

A Quick Vent From The Church Member In Me

I just have to vent mom was planning on joining the Church I attend. She won't tell me who but when she mentioned it to another member of the Church apparantely the member had a bad attitude about it. The Church itself is an AWESOME Church and I can only imagine that this particular member whomever she may be must have something against my mom or the devil was working through her. I have noticed something about Churchs though...especially small ones...all to often you do have that group of people that don't want change. You also have the ones that would rather complain about something than do something positive about it. What really got me is now my parents and brother - whom I was really looking forward to joining our Church - have now decided because of what one person said to them not to join the Church. I know not everyone is a Church goer and not everyone can relate but just imagine this was a really important club or organization that you were in and the whole point was to bring people together and do all of the positive things...wouldn't it be wrong for a member of "said organization" to go completely agains what the whole organization is about??



The Family Bond said...

It's a shame that one person can distroy the prospect of new members. However, your mom might can reconsider based on the vision and purpose of the church not of its members. Explain that this one person does not represent Christ nor His love. But that your Mom can join and be one that makes a difference for other prospects. HB

goldberry said...

I'd like to say that I "the family bond" took the words right out of my mouth, but I don't speak that well. So I will just tell you that I completely agree with "the family bond."

Nia said...

Good post.