Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OuT oF sHaPe...

Let me tell ya'll a (scary) true story. So Brian has a bike and Baylee does. Well the other day they are all like PPPUUUHHHLLLLEEEAAASSSSEEEE come ride with us. Baylee said you can even ride my bike b/c the seat is softer. I was like no no no no and then finally I was like FINE. UGH. I took my hand out of the powdered donut bag, licked my fingers, gulped down my WHOLE milk and put on my tennis shoes. Fine. Want. Me. To. Exercise. With. You. Fine. Hmm....I will show you.

So we start off a little uncomfortable (which is odd seeing how much padding I really DO have back there) but I go for it...pulling out of the driveway on two-wheels like the road queen....turned the corner and took off the back street behind my house..was doing good...patting myself on the back. I am awesome...this is not a problem. So then we approach the hill. I decide to get tricky and I stand up on the bike and start pedaling as fast as I could so I could make it up the hill. Got about ¾ of the way up and had to get off and walk. I was fine but just couldn't go any further. So I tell them (Brian running and Baylee on the other bike) go on I will catch up. Just give me a second. So I keep walking the bike. Well the further they got away from me and then out of my site the more I couldn't breathe.

...wwwwhhhheeeezzzzeeee....wwwwhhhhheeeeeezzzeeee...chest hurts can't hardly move but I know I am getting ready to go down a hill and I am like...okay...I got this. I make it to the top of the hill and jump on and WEEEEEEEEEEEE......all the way down to the bottom. I let the bike coast until I almost stop and then I have to jump back off. THEN I have to walk the bike the rest of the way. I made it the whole mile and ½ but couldn't hang on the bike the whole way. What is sad is they made it all the way back home and then WALKED and met me about 1/2 mile before I got to the house. about out of shape. Now I understand why people on the biggest loser literally get sick from working so hard sometimes...I sure almost did. Seriously. I mean I gotta do something about ALLL of this b/c I will die of a heart attack!!

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