Saturday, June 19, 2010

Robitussin Take Me Away!!!

I feel bad. I mean I don't mean just the regular blahs. I am talking about laying in bed all week coughing and hacking. Brian makes fun of me when we talk because he thinks it sounds like I am barking like a dog. Yup that is how we know when it is bronchitis...Brian barks back. I have drank fluids, I have laid around all week, and I have drank Robitussin the past two days like it is going out of style! I REALLY hope I am feeling better by tomorrow. :( My house is a disgusting wreck. I mean REALLY bad. I haven't done a thing all week because when I move I cough. When I cough it hurts. When it hurts I choke. When I choke I get sick. Anyone that knows me knows I don't handle "getting sick" well. So here I lay...I am actually getting up right now to wash clothes and try to pick up a FEW things so the house won't be such a disaster. I am going to pick Baylee up from USM choir camp and I PRAY I don't start coughing during the middle of the program!!

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