Saturday, June 26, 2010

WDW & My Coastie! :o)

I am up and wide awake this morning! Yes it is 4:00 a.m. Yes I realize half the world is still asleep. Actually, sleeping crazy hours has been the trend for me since I got sick last week. Over a week later and I am still fighting it off! I was diagnosed with Bronchitis but at the beginning of the week it really felt more like whooping cough. Especially, since none of my medicine was working! However, through lots of prayer from family and friends I am here to report that I am feeling much better!

Once I finish typing this post I will begin loading my car. My daughter and I are leaving this morning to meet my dad and family in Orlando. We are going to spend a week at Disney. I believe that this is most of their first time. It is Baylee's second trip and my 5th. We are very excited. The only two things I have been a little concerned about are the two girls getting along all week. They are both sweet but both used to being only children. :o) Other than that, I worry how things are going to go at the parks because as you know in a big group not everyone is interested in the same things. My family is pretty great so I really don't see this as a worry! They are going to want everyone to do what makes them happy.

The most exciting news is after 49 days of not seeing my hubby - HE IS FLYING IN TO ORLANDO ON HIS LEAVE TIME TO VISIT WITH BAYLEE AND I! We are so very excited about it. Now to any other military family 49 days may not seem like a long time but this is the longest we have gone without seeing each other since his last deployment. Also, we are excited because when his unit began this journey we really were not sure that we would get to see them again before they returned from their deployment in the Spring of 2011. So this is just a blessing in disguise. I was actually going to come home and he fly here but he said he would rather come there so he can get some good quality alone time with Baylee. This will be officially the last time he sees her until next year!

Well I guess I better close this out and begin to load the car! My family things we won't be there until tomorrow but the truth is we will be there only a few hours after they arrive this afternoon!

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