Friday, June 18, 2010

Vent of a Military Wife!

If you could see my face would know that
<-----this is what I look like. I am so glad that people want to support our troops...which is great! However, at what point do the wives get supported. I guess today I was more hurt than aggravated at a response I got. I mentioned how bad I was hurting having my sweet husband gone. After all, he and I have a wonderful relationship and he is truly my best friend. I am so glad people are praying for him and I am so glad they miss him. I guess it is just hurtful to me that no one wants to just come out and say...we are praying for you and Baylee or we are sorry that you are so sad. I guess one thing that maybe others don't understand is Brian was not called to go on this deployment. His Cuba deployment his HAD to go no questions asked. However, this deployment he along with all the brave men and women in his unit volunteered to go! I don't say this to take away from what they are doing because I think it is amazing but I do just wish people would be more supportive to the wives of our troops. I can stand here and support him forever but at some point I will need to be supported as well.

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