Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hamster Wheel!


Whew. Here we go...Again. I am constantly dieting it seems. Last year I worked hard and lost 63 pounds but pretty much since last October I have been slacking! I have gained some of my weight back but thank goodness not all OR the all I lost plus some that often happens. However, no matter how much of the weight I gained back, I feel miserable. I am tired. I hate the way I look in clothes. I am not motivated to do much lately. I am sleepy so often!

So here I go again. Back at it...Round's tough. I want it bad but I also have to realize I am human & what has worked for others (or maybe even myself!) might not work for me this time!

So that being said, the only thing I am trying to do being better than I was yesterday. 

Later, friends.

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