Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Speed Dating

Gobble! Gobble! (Doesn’t it seem strange that we use gobble….the sound that a turkey makes…in order to talk about eating the turkey & all the fixins’!) Speaking of “fixins’” (I had to type it the country girl way!) I am ready for some good ol’ southern food! The food here is good but as my daddy has always told me since he has been away, no place is like home! We are ready to get back home for the holidays. We only have four days off total & basically two of those days include driving. So that leaves 2 ½-ish days to visit with at least 6 different families. We won’t get to spend a lot of time with any certain family but we at least plan to get a hug from everyone!

We won’t be able to come home for Christmas this year. We only have Christmas day off at my job & Brian works the Fri/Sat/Sun after Christmas. Bummer! Next year, we won’t be the low man on the totem pole so it will be a little easier to get off for the holidays. We will still probably come home either Thanksgiving or Christmas (not both) BUT we will be able to stay longer! There will probably be certain times/certain years we come that we dedicate to seeing one or two families at a time since we have so much family; however, at least every fall holiday season we will try to see everyone.

All that being said, in the event that we haven’t done so, we want to extend an open invitation to anyone that wants to come out & visit anytime! We have a small place for now BUT are more than happy to let you stay with us if you want a quick get-a-way and don’t need to splurge on the hotel. If you want to stay at a hotel, we can give you a wide variety of options that are within close range to our place! Never worry about if we have plans, etc. There is rarely anything we would be doing that you couldn’t join us in. Brian works every other weekend with this Fri/Sat/Sun being a work weekend. That gives you an idea of good times to come. We don’t mind if you come on a work weekend for him if it is your only weekend. He will still be able to have dinner with us at a bare minimum! The weekends we know we are 100% free at this time are December 5December 19January 2January 16 (I have a 3 day weekend this date) and January 30.

We look forward to seeing everyone out at some point! If it is later than January, just let us know a time that is good for you! Much love to all!!!

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