Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Ramblings of an Exhausted Mom...

This past week or so I have not slept well, at all. It is odd for me to have difficulty sleeping because short of a few times of major stress in my life, I have never had trouble falling asleep. My daughter, unfortunately, gets that from me. She is SO hard to wake up in the mornings! The advantage to that is that, even though she is now 16, she slept like a champ when she was little. While other parents complained about being up all night with their kiddos, this mom was kicked back enjoying the good life; however, the tables sure have turned on me & things have backfired now that I have a teenager! I am getting off track here. Where was I? Oh, we were discussing my sleeping issues. I am not sure what it is. I do have a lot on my mind right now with the holidays coming up, attempting to pay off some bills, training at a new job and going to school.

To add to my sleeping issue I, in general, just have no energy these days. I know much of it is because I am out of shape right now. I so bad want to be back where I was physically just one year ago. I know it will happen. I will get there but it is so hard to stay focused right now! I think once Brian gets on board with going to the gym with me, it will make things easier. I am planning on going to the gym in the mornings (before I realize what hits me) after Thanksgiving. Okay, so it won't be the immediate Monday or maybe even Tuesday after Thanksgiving due to our long drive, but it will happen!

So...really, I guess that is all this rambling will be about. I am just tired. I want my energy. I miss it. Please send it home if you find it.

Later, friends.

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