Monday, November 17, 2014

Saving Christmas

This past weekend, Baylee & I had a quick bite to eat & decided to go see a movie while Brian worked the night shift. Baylee & I are huge Christmas lovers (That is another post in itself)! When I saw the Saving Christmas movie featuring Kirk Cameron, I knew that it would be a good Christian film!

I will be honest & say it was kind of slow & more of a "made for TV" type of film. The purpose, however, was not lost on Baylee or myself! She & I both were very impressed with all of the information that was shared! The biggest point of the movie was about how to see the true meaning of Christmas in all the little things that people may think are not related to the true reason of Christmas at all. There will be those who will still say, "Well they are just trying too hard to relate everything at Christmas to Jesus." 

To those people I will say this, "Isn't that kind of the point of being a Christian?" Shouldn't we want all people to see Jesus in everything? I haven't done my own research regarding the information that was given but I have to be honest, I really like what was said in the movie. My thoughts are, whether right or wrong, is that you can almost make anything a pagan god. Some may see these Christmas items as pagan but if I see it to be a reminder of Jesus then what makes it so bad. Plus, the way I see it, there are reminders of Jesus everywhere, everyday. If I choose to use other things that remind me of him during the Christmas season, which Christian could blame me?

Later, friends.

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