Friday, January 27, 2012

Bittersweet Week

I am so fortunate that I am in nursing school because I know there are lots of people that can't afford to be or have applied and can't get in. This week has been exhausting and I am not sure why! We have only been in this semester three weeks and it already feels like a lifetime! I think it just caught up with us so fast!

We also had a couple of ladies this week who didn't pass their third round of their math test who face having to leave the program. They are so smart and will make great nurses but nerves just got the best of them. It has been hard because I know what they are going through adn it is a horrible feeling. I am hoping that the ones that make the deciscions provide them mercy today but I also know it is in God's hands and he has a plan for everyone!

It was also bittersweet because the hospital we toured yesterday I had three friends have babies there. One friend no longer lives here and I miss her! The other I am still friends with but we just don't talk very often because of life circumstances & sadly seems we drifted some but hopefully that isn't the case! The third is hard to explain really...I don't really know what happended to us tho I have said my sorry's and forgave them even without them asking and feel like we are at a clean slate but our relationship just has no momentum right now so I am not sure if that is a God thing or what but I will continue to pray about it. Truthfully, God takes people in and out of our lives for a reason and if they are meant to be back in our lives it will happen and if not then we can only remember the good times.

Well....guess I better get off of her....gotta get up and get a few things done because we are going with Baylee's Show Choir on a field trip today to an out of town competition and won't be back until late tonight! I am going to try to record the show and will post here later!

Happy Friday everyone!

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