Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Time Is NOW

I was looking at my calendar this morning and I cannot believe that I am in my third week of my last year of nursing school. Really when you look at it I have less than a year because we graduate in December and we don't have class during the summer months! It is amazing how much has changed in my life in 3 weeks! I am back in school, the hubby is back in school and of course my daughter is back in the second part of 8th grade. I have been doing a not diet...but a "life change". I have made grade progress and my motivation is unbelievable at this point. I have never been this dedicated this far in the game! We are trying to catch up on bills but have some things coming down the pipe that will help that fall into place! Also, my house has been some kind of clean lately and I am working very hard on my organizing projects. All this may seem minor to some but these are huge areas in my life that I always struggle with and the fact that it is all going semi-smooth is Ahhh-Mazing! I only have one person - GOD! - to thank for that because I know through him all things are possible! I look forward to looking back a year from now and thinking...WOW...I REALLY did it this time!

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