Sunday, January 29, 2012

I *Heart* Cooking

I have always enjoyed cooking to a certain extent but lately my "cooking" obsession has kicked in. I wouldn't necessarily say I am a "great" cook but I do like to experiment and try new things! I have been watching what I eat and in the process have been watching a lot of things about food and it has intrigued me. I am still sticking to my diet but have enjoyed cooking for my family. Funny enough for the first time I attempted an omelet for Baylee's breakfast yesterday. It actually turned out pretty well! I have a few things I am going to do different next time but I was pretty impressed with myself. I get to thinking that a lot of our "smarts" regarding how to cook things we learn as we get older and based on time we spend in the kitchen. I also think the fact that my kitchen is a little more organized than it has been in a long time helps me stay in there more. The positive of this is eventually I will apply my "smarts" I am learning about healthy eating to my cooking AND I am saving my family money by not eating out. It costs us almost $30 to eat fast food these days! You add in the bonus of family time at the table and you have a winner! So get in your kitchen and get to cooking!

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