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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can I Get That Light For You?

Okay this is kind of silly. I am just sitting at work and I heard someone ask someone else...who is sitting in an office with floor to ceiling you want me to turn on that light for you? Well they have worked like that all day and I am SURE they know that there is a light in their office. Sometimes..headaches or for other reasons we just don't want the light on...AND THAT IS OKAY! As for me...I am definitely a NO light girl...or a natural light girl. Unless I really just can't see what I am doing you will never catch a light on in my house during the daytime hardley b/c I keep my windows open! I say all this to say...sometimes we just don't like the light. I know there are others that like every light in the house on...and that is okay, too. Just leave us "no florescent light" girls alone! LOL! :-)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Knowing Right from Wrong....

...but I still "emotionally" ride the fence. I have the "blahs" right now and I hope when I go to bed and wake up...AND THROUGH PRAYER...that the blahs are gone tomorrow. I dealt with a situation today that was rough. I was in a situation where I had to tell the truth and telling the truth is ALWAYS the right thing to do. I know I did the right thing and I know the outcome was right deep down in my heart and soul. I know what happen WAS God's will and through prayer it was a great thing. I just feel a Christian...for the other person that was adversly affected. What happend to the other person as a result of what they did they deserved. I just emotionally feel sad for the other person. They are lost and can't even see the wrong of their ways. I just hate the knot I have in my stomach right now.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

...Lost & Found...

Yes I have been away for awhile now...almost a year! I missed it! No excuses as to why I haven't been around and there will be no promises about how often I will be here! HA! All I know is I am back for now! Stay tuned! :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

All About Me!!

Love Life

  • I am married to my of my life...My Coastie!

  • He is currently deployed...I am missing him like crazy!

  • He can drive me nuts and make me laugh at the same time!


Family Life

  • I am a mom to a wonderful 9 year old daughter!

  • She is my joy, my heartbeat and my love!

  • I have two younger brothers that I adore!

  • I love my parents and family and wouldn't trade them!

  • I am a mom to our two dogs - Storm & Tyson!

  • Oh did I mention our hermit crab Pearl..she is 1 year old!!

Home Life

  • I grew up in Madison and much of my family still lives there.

  • We bought a house over 3 years ago in Brandon (Reservoir Area)!

  • We don't plan on moving for a really long time!!!


  • My friends are my rock(s)!

  • There is a saying if you go to the grave with five good friends you have accomplished something!

  • I must be doing good because I have 6 very close friends!

  • They each bring out the best in me and cause me to smile everyday!

  • I know that I can always count on all of them and they know they can count on me!

  • I speak to each of the just about everyday...or at least every other day!

  • They all like each other and it makes me happy to know how well we can all get along together!!

Goals & Ambitions

  • To lose at least 50lbs before my hubby comes home!

  • To finish nursing school!

  • Travel the world!!

Favorite Things

  • My Family!

  • My Friends!

  • Beach Time!

  • Traveling

  • The Rain

  • Snuggling With My Hubby

  • Playing Games With My Daughter

  • A Good Laugh!

  • A Book I just can't put down

  • Comedy

  • Romance

  • Sunrise!

  • Sand between my toes!

  • That God allowed me another day!

  • Everything God has given me!

I am going to surround myself with more positive people, make better decisions in my health, love, friendships, work and spiritual life! I am just the girl next door...and that is all I want to be!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing Catch Up!

Hope everyone is doing well!! Things in my life have been a little crazy lately but I thought I would catch everyone up!!

Brian left to go to Cuba. He won't be home until sometime later in the year. That is what we have been told so as long as things go well he will be back by then! We (Baylee and I) are doing okay for now. We have our moments but all and all we are fine. I guess when you are faced with something you just can't change you have to work with it and move on! Plus, it helps that we are always so busy!! He works 12 hour days so I know he is so tired after working he probably doesn't have time to miss us much! Then on his days off they have stuff to keep them busy (bowling, movies, snorkeling, softball). I do hear from him every couple of days.

In the process I have cleaned out closets and gotten rid of SO much junk! I am telling you we had SOOOO much stuff that I was like, "Why did I even keep this?" I still have a ways to go but I really have made a big dent. I feel so much better knowing things are more organized! It helps me feel more organized all together...even at work!

I joined the local YMCA again! I have GOT to get this extra weight off of me! So many people I know have died (even in their 30's) from heart attacks and I don't want to be one! So I joined the gym and changed my work hours around so myself and a couple of the ladies form work take a longer lunch and go during our lunch hour. I am feeling better already and I just started last Thursday!

My mini-schnauzer Storm was just diaganosed with heart worms. For those of you that are animal lovers you know your animals are like another member of your family. They think we caught it early on so he goes for his first treatment on Wednesday. I don't know what I would do if he didn't make it! Especially while Brian is gone...I know it would really upset him and it would be that much more loss for Baylee right now. I know they can't live forever but this would be a REALLY bad time for something to happen. Plus, he is only 6 years old. So please pray he pulls through!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Woke Up In The Morgue

I was surfing the television the other night and I came across a show called "I Woke up In The Morgue". Did anyone else get the privilege of seeing this show? I tell you what it was some scary stuff! These people had a condition called catalepsy. Basically, they would just pass out and have no signs of life but they could feel and hear everything that was going on around them. One lady got taken to a morgue THREE different times because they thought she was dead!!! I would FREAK out. This lady was completely conscious of where she was and what was going on and one day was out for THREE days closed in a dark room with dead bodies. It is amazing the kinds of conditions people can have that we don't even know about. I told my husband I wonder how many people were embalmed or buried alive because of this condition. This is SO scary to me! The thought of it! Yikes!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Back for The Hundreth Time

So I have said it over and over that I will get back on here and start blogging and I have failed miserably. Just like I have with alot of other things. (Keeping my house clean, diets, handling my money better, etc.) I have decided that I am going to start keeping my promises and finishing what I start. I might not blog everyday or even every week but I am going to make a good effort anyway!!

So how was everyone's holiday?

Mine was awesome!! I saw my dad for the first time in 5 or 6 years. His girlfriend was really nice and so were her kids. Her youngest calls my dad "dad" and that will take some time to get used to but I am okay with it. My daughter calls my husband dad and he is not her real dad. I suppose the only reason it bothers me is because it has been so long since he has been a dad in my life. Things have changed and I am okay with that. I am happy for him and I hope he continues to keep in touch with our family. I think this has been the best Thanksgiving that I have ever had!!

Monday, September 04, 2006


That is me alright. A blogging slacker!!! The summers are always so crazy for me because I am not on a schedule! Now that my daughter is back in school maybe things will be easier for me! I am going to TRY to blog at least once a week! No one may even be out there reading it but it is strange how my little personal blog - or my online diary - keeps me in line! It is like when I have pushed away from blogging everything else falls apart. I haven't figured out the link yet but I just know today I am getting back on the wagon on a lot of things in my life. One of the many things I need to do is update my pictures! Ha! They are a little outdated but in time it will happen!

I am still working as a paralegal, my daughter started 3rd grade, cheerleading (which by the way me and one of my best friends are coaching), gymnastics and I am going to school full time online through a local community college! Whew! Well sorry it has been awhile guys but I am back!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's A Girl!

I found out bright and early this morning that my best friend is having a baby girl! Yeah! She already has one beautiful daughter so I am sure this one will be just as beautiful! Now I REALLY have baby fever! Ha!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Good Times

Good Evening - Happy Father's Day - Almost anyway! Ha! Thought I would come in and do a quick post. In the mood for posting! I had one of the best nights I have had in a very long time! Wow! I know it doesn't sound like much but my husband, myself, our daughter, her friend, and 3 friends of ours came over for the afternoon/night. We started out the evening by going father's day shopping - yes late I know! Then we came back home and ate our "first" serving of gumbo that I had worked on preparing for hours! IT was SO good! I was so impressed with myself! :-) I am a "okay" kinda cook. Every once in awhile I get something right and "baam!" it is good. Through out the night we each had at least one more bowl. Then we fought with the ice cream maker and finally had home made ice cream - twice! Ha! We laughed for hours on end - until I had tears in my eyes. Afterwards, we watched a movie and now they have just left.

"So what was so good about that night?", you ask. It is the fact that I got to sit around with my friends, in the comfort of my own home and enjoy myself and "really relax" for the first time in a long time. I really think - and know from what they told me a few minutes ago before they left - that we all had one of the best nights we have had in a long time. Today I am grateful for good friends and good times.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well it has been awhile!!!

I have been SO busy but I decided to start back off on the right foot with the wonderful Works-for-Me Wednesday hosted by!

SO my WFMW is kind of a recipe. I just learned it and have already used it. If you are like me occasionally you run out of snacks or the kiddos (Or you!) just want something to snack on. For a super quick yummy treat that the can help make try this:

5 Minute Homemade Ice Cream - 1 Serving

  1. 1 Quart Size ziploc bag.
  2. 1 Gallon Size ziploc bag.
  3. 1 cup milk
  4. 1 tsp. vanilla
  5. 2 tablespoons sugar
  6. 12 ice cubes
  7. 3 tbsp of salt
  • Put the milk, vanilla and sugar in the quart size bag - press the air out and seal bag.
  • Place the ice cubes, salt and then the quart size bag (with the milk "mixture" that is sealed really tight, right?!) inside the gallon bag.
  • Seal the gallon bag.
  • For the next several minutes - possibly up to five. Let the kids twist, roll, flip and turn this bag.
  • The ice/salt in the gallon size bag helps freeze the "milk mixture" in the quart size bag into a yummy treat!!
  • Once the mixture looks to be the consistancy of homemade ice cream you take the quart size bag out and rinse the outside of it. (To get the salt off!)
  • Then pour in a bowl or eat directly out of the bag - Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Need My Space People!!!

I am a touch feely person. I hug just about everyone. I don't usually get bothered by people "invading" my space. However there are two instances that really bother me: #1 Please don't talk TWO inches from my face. Why does anyone need to be that close? I mean really? #2 Please don't stand two inches from me while I am waiting in line. Last night #2 happened. I was waiting in line at the store with TWO things in my hand. There was a lady behind me who stood at the front right hand side of her buggy - she was standing DIRECTLY behind me - I could feel her breathing on my neck. THEN she pushed her buggy up so far it is LITERALLY pressed against my leg! What was that about? I was keeping my composure but I tell you what this really pushed my buttons! Okay. Feel. Better. Now. Just. Had. To. Vent. Now on to more important things...

On my side bar (right above my pictures) I will add a list called "Columns I Join" and so far I will have a link up to Works-For-Me Wednesday (Hosted by Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer) and On The Menu Monday (Hosted by Traci @ Mostly Precious Moments). The most current one will be linked every week until the new one comes out - hence I will change the Wednesday one on Wednesdays and the Monday one on Mondays. Each of the "host" will have a links to others that are participating under their post. I encourage you all to participate! It is awesome!

So I will leave you with something I received in an email this morning:

When I Whine
Today, upon a bus, I saw a girl with golden hair
I looked at her and sighed and wished I was as fair.
When suddenly she rose to leave,
I saw her hobble down the aisle.
She had one leg and used a crutch
But as she passed, she passed a smile.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine
I have 2 legs, the world is mine.
I stopped to buy some candy
The lad who sold it had such charm
I talked with him a while, he seemed so very glad
If I were late, it'd do no harm.
And as I left, he said to me,
"I thank you, you've been so kind.
It's nice to talk with folks like you.
You see," he said, "I'm blind."
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 eyes, the world is mine.
Later while walking down the street,
I saw a child with eyes of blue
He stood and watched the others play
He did not know what to do.
I stopped a moment and then I said,
"Why don't you join the others, dear?"
He looked ahead without a word.
And then I knew, he couldn't hear.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I have 2 ears, the world is mine.
With feet to take me where I'd go.
With eyes to see the sunset's glow.
With ears to hear what I would know.
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine.
I've been blessed indeed, The world is mine.
Sorrow looks back,
Worry looks around,
Faith looks up.

Monday, March 20, 2006

How Goes It?

So how has everyone been? Things have been crazy around here so I haven't had much time to even email much less post!! Just thought I would put up a picture from a float we were on at the St. Patty's Parade. (Some of mine & my daughters friends - my daughter is on the far right.) Hope everyone is well! Talk to you soon - I hope!

OH By the way - Bombadil & Goldberry's sites are up and going and "safe" again! I just now got around to adding them back! Glad to know!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Just So Ya' Know

I got an email from Goldberry saying that she and Bombadil were having problems with their blogs and for us not to visit them. Earlier in the week I had gone there and my spyware picked up the Trojan virus. It caught it thank goodness but she had just warned not to go there until they say otherwise. THEREFORE, until I receive confirmation from Chandra (Goldberry) I will take their links off the side bar to protect others. Hopefully, they will be up and running soon!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Predator Among Us

It has been in the news lately that a sexual offender who was from here, then moved to Missouri, has been in prison and NOW is being released after only 4 months. The bad news is...

It is scary to many of us because it is just a normal middle class neighborhood loaded with kids! Not to mention he will be a neighbor of someone I know! They have at least 3 school buses just for my daughers school. HERE is an article from when he was originally arrested in Missouri and HERE is a link from one of our local news channels.

As a mom of an almost 8 year old I am pretty upset about all of this! What is your take on it? How would you feel?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What A Blur!!

Things have been flying by the past week or so for me! It has been wild!! So what have I been doing you ask? Well....

Last Thursday
I had an assignment due in my biology class. Then that night my hubby, daughter and I went with my best friend's family to the Rodeo. The kids loved it! We also got to see Dierks Bentley while we were there! Hubba! Hubba!

A bunch of us were supposed to go out for my best friend's hubbies and mom's bdays but the birthday folks decided they didn't want to go. I ended up going to my friends house and eating some yummy steak & twice baked potatoes! We had to go over to visit her mom and tell her happy birthday and check out her soon to be finished/remodeled kitchen. We went and grabbed a couple of movies and then that was when I got the call. What call you ask? My husband - who is the the USCG and was on his way to drill several hours away - called and said, "Baby, I have bad news. I am halfway there and just realized when I dropped you off you left you keys in the ignition and now I have them with me!" OH NO! I was LOCKED out of my house from Friday night until Sunday night! My daughter was already spending the night with my friends daughter so I was invited to make myself at home for the night on their couch!

I had to get up early while everyone was asleep and go buy me and my daughter all the necessities needed when you spend a weekend from home! I guess one good thing out of the deal is I got new clothes and make-up! Ha! After that I picked my daughter up from my friend's house and we went to my mom's. We (me, mom, daugher and 10 year old brother) rode to my 23 year old brothers house to check out all the work he has done! Then we went shopping & browsing! Afterwards we went back to mom's and had lunch and the adults napped while the kids watched a movie! Oh boy was it nice! That afternoon my friend called to see if I wanted to go out with a group of my other friends but I told her to go ahead and I would plan to join in the next weekend or so because I was going to go out to eat with my family and go watch Motocross! It was SO good! They do the coolest tricks on those motorcylces and 4-wheelers! I would be scared to death! Ha! My 7 year old daughter whats a motorcycle now. She liked them even before that night because her uncle has a room full of trophies from all of his motocross!

My best friend called me around 8:30ish to update me on the night before and to find out if we were going to church. Since I was locked out I didn't have church clothes and she had a family function to go to with her hubby we skipped church for the week and promised to get back in the swing of things next week! My step-dad cooked us a great breakfast and then we went out to my step-grandparents farmhouse. They have horses and dogs everywhere! The kids had a blast. Afterwards we all went for pizza and then riding around looking for new cars! When we got back to my mom's I got my things packed together and was on my way to meet my hubby (who was coming back in town) and I got another call from him saying he had a little fender bender! No damage done so HOPEFULLY all will be fine! I was so glad to be home Sunday night - we even turned on the gas logs and just relaxed!

Back to work - I was SO tired from all of my going that weekend! I had to spend my lunch hour running around buying stuff for my daughters Valentine's party. After work I met my hubby & daughter for dinner and then I headed back to my best friends mom's house for our weekly Monday night meeting of watching The Bachelor! I got home and worked a couple of hours I was WIPED by the time I finally crawled into bed!

Happy Valentine's Day! I got up and got my daughter off to school to get a sugar high on all the candy the would be eating that day! Me and a friend met my mom and one of her friends for lunch. After work we went and met my whole "immediate" family to take my grandmother out for dinner for Valentine's day. It was a really wonderful time and with her Alzheimers I cherish every moment that we spend that way! I took her back to the nursing home and the hubby headed to the house. When I got home the hubby was cleaning up. My daughter went on to bed and the hubby allowed me to take a nice long, hot, bubble bath in the jacuzzi tub! After I got out I got a massage and some TLC from the hubby!

Went to work and then went home and worked some more! At bed time we realized my mini-schnauzers batteries for his collar for the underground fence must have gone dead. He had gotten out and we took 1 hour and 1/2 or longer looking for him! After my hubby found him we FINALLY got into bed!

I am at work and super busy! Not to mention right after 5:00 I have an assignment for school due. Then I have to go home and work some more (I have really been putting in some O.T.!) and start studying for a check test that will be tomorrow.

Weekend Plans
My best friend is having a root canal done tomorrow so I offered to watch her daughter if she would like me to. Saturday if the weather is good I have to help my mom at my grandmothers house. Then we may get together with a bunch of our friends Saturday night and go out. Sunday morning Church of course and then Sunday afternoon hopefully some R&R! Somewhere in between all of that chaos I have to squeeze in some study time for my Biology mid-term next week!

Whew! So are you tired! I know I am! I guess I will talk to you later! If you don't hear from me until this time next week you know why! ;-)

Friday, February 03, 2006

Hello Strangers!

Hi guys and gals! I have been so swampped lately at home, work, school and in general! I hope everyone is doing fine - I just wanted to stop by and say hello!! Running out of time to post so just wanted to leave you with this funny little note- Have A Great Weekend!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

To My Blog Friends!

Got this in an email and couldn't resist! I thought it was real cute. I am actually a little nervous today because we get our yearly evaluations. I strive to do my best but sometimes......anyway!

Hope you have a great day!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wake Up - It Is A New Year!!

So how many times did you hit the snooze button this morning? It was SO hard to wake up after all of the holiday celebrating!! I myself had a hard time!! My daughter doesn't go back to school until Thursday and I know she will be as ready as I am. It seems like when she is in school the whole house is on a better schedule...I know I am anyway.

We had a very quiet laid back weekend. On New Years we went out to dinner, shot fireworks and were in bed sometime afer 10:00pm. I for one did not see the New Year in! Sunday we hung around the house mostly and then went to my mother in laws to eat dinner and visit with my sister in law before she flew back to Orlando.

My husband and I both were off work Monday and we did not get out of our PJ's all day! We worked on painting my daughters room. It is the most "detailed" paint job I have ever done. We plan on working alot on the rest of the house this year. We have alot of decorating & painting to do inside, we need to finish our backyard fence, clean out the garage and in the spring start working on our flower beds. We are planning a summer trip to Disney World so we will be saving for that along with the fact that we will have to save because I plan to get a new"er" car around August or so. I have done really good. This year begins the 6th year I have gone without a car note. I haven't decided on what I want to get yet BUT all in good time!

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

It's Friday! Have A Happy New Year!

Well how is everyone!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was very nice and I got to visit with all of my family and give lots of gifts and I also got lots of great gifts! Most importantly we got to celebrate Jesus' birthday!

All and all the holidays were good. Work has been a little crazy. Not that we have been busy but the fact that out of 50 people at our office only about 15 are actually here today. Not to mention out of our whole little department I have been the only one that has been here everyday all day for the past two weeks! Others have come and gone or not been here at all. I on many occasions have been the only one in our group that was at the office. I should take advantage of that but it is hard knowing I have a hundred things I need to be at home doing too!

Let's see - what else - OH - there was an incident at a Christmas party I was at. When the party was said and done everything was fine but a week later someone had to start it all back up. Needless to say the past 3 weeks have been hell! I should not have even had to worry about that sort of thing!! I am too old for this drama. ANYWAY - so as of last night it is finally all over with. {I Hope.} It seems like this thing never dies. Every time it is "over" someone brings it back up!!This is why all of us that gossip need to learn that you can't do that because you can really make someones life miserable! ANYWHO!! There are just times in your life when you have to decide what is really important and what friendships or aquantances are worth holding on too. It will all come out in the wash but I refuse to discuss it anymore!

Well guess I better get back to work - just curious though - has anyone set any New Years resolutions?

My only one would be to try to live my life a little better. I have learned that no matter how good you try to be some people still won't appreciate it; however, I am not very good at letting go and letting God. This morning I heard that new Carrie Underwood song "Jesus Take The Wheel". It brought me to tears and the chorus reminded me of what I sometimes forget. Let go and have faith b/c I can't always handle things on my own!"

God Bless! Have a Safe and Happy New Years!

Jesus take the wheel
Take it from my hands
Cause I can't do this all on my own
I'm letting go So give me one more chance
To save me from this road I'm on
Jesus take the wheel